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October 24, 2011

on October 24, 2011

This morning, once he got to work, Stu sent me a link to two pictures from his phone.  This one:

Pumpkin Patch - The Second

And one similar to this (he only had her from the back):

Pumpkin Patch - The Third

There’s just about a full year between the two pictures.  It’s amazing how much the piglet has changed in a year.  Other than her hair.  LOL.  She finally doesn’t have “funny” hair.

Without us noticing, she grew up.

She’s become quite the little person, getting bigger all the time.  She has full sentences, sometimes proper self reference (Me! I do it!), jokes, and dreams.  Her love of hats may be replaced by a love of shoes, or at least new shoes.

It’s been an amazing journey…  that started here:

Pumpkin Patch - The First


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