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October 11, 2011 ~ Bye Bye Bubble

on October 10, 2011

Teagan, my orally fixated toddler, flushed her bubble down the toilet today.  By mistake, but still.

She’s been asking to use the potty each morning and night, and most times will go a little bit. (Yay!)  She will then ask for help down – still a little too short for the step stool – and then get some paper, wipe, throw it in the bowl and flush.  When she flushes, she will look in, watch the water swirl and go down, and say bye bye pee.  Sometimes she even waves.

Tonight with Stu, she peed – a decent amount! – and at the end of the routine, leaned over to watch the water swirl.  She said bye bye, like she always does, but tonight, she had her pacifier in her mouth and it fell in.  As it was mid-flush, there was no time at all to attempt to save it.  It flushed.  Gone.

She didn’t quite understand why Stu couldn’t get it, from where, I don’t know.  I’m sure all the logistics of grey water is beyond her.  Her bubble is on a trip where it won’t come back.

She went to bed easy enough.  Down a bubble.  But with kisses and a few giggles.


3 responses to “October 11, 2011 ~ Bye Bye Bubble

  1. Kate says:

    Way to recover, as always, Miss T. Hilarious.

    • lisasff says:

      This morning, while on the potty, she asked about the lost bubble. She really didn’t understand that it was gone for good. She kept asking “why?” Why couldn’t she have it back, why couldn’t I get it for her, why was it gone, why why why.

      She did get sad for a moment, but then ran back to her room – still naked – after washing and drying her hands.

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