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October 7, 2011

on October 7, 2011

Blanket Head

Tonight is day four of the Great Unswaddle.  When we saw Ashlin roll in her swaddle, we knew it had to end.  Even though she was pretty good about making sure her face wasn’t buried in the mattress…  It wasn’t something we really wanted to play around with.  I didn’t want to take the chance of her being aware enough, in her sleep, to turn her head to the side so she could breathe.

So, we started with naps.  We did not want to mess with night time sleeping, that was already uncertain enough as it was. I didn’t want to lose any more sleep than necessary.


We started putting her down for naps unswaddled.  Like they do at day care.  One day, Stu said that when he went to pick her up, he found her in the bouncy chair with a blanket over her head.  I assume to try and block the distractions and noise in the infant room.  Blanket head, as Teagan calls it, seemed to work pretty well.  Ashlin would nap in the bouncy chair, a bit shorter than a swaddled nap, but all in all, pretty well.  At first, I didn’t try transferring her to the pack n play.  Her sleep wasn’t very deep, or more truthfully, not deep enough.  Nap by nap though, it got deeper.  Nap by nap, she slept better.

Glowing Comfort

The glowing seahorse helped a lot.  It always had.  It was a way to get her back to sleep, if she hadn’t woken up enough.  The music and the soft glow would put her back down.  Before, while she was swaddled, she would only look at it, but now, she started to reach out to it.  Assurance.  Comfort.  Sleep.

We started with the night time a bit passively.  I would put her in a a loose blanket swaddle.  One I knew she would be able to break.  Then, the first true unswaddled night, she woke up a bit.  The seahorse always put her back down.  On the second night, same thing, but she was easier to transfer from the bouncy chair to the pack n play and then the crib.  I think that was the night of the vomit scare though.  That’s a different story.  Last night, was better.  She only stirred two or three times – other than to nurse.

Tonight, I put her immediately up into her crib.  She’s stirred once, but so far, the magical seahorse has done the trick.  Fingers crossed that she’ll stay down for her usual 5-6 hours before she wants a feed.

Sleep is good.  More sleep is better.

Oops.  There she is again. :(


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