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September 26, 2011

on September 27, 2011

So, work kicked my butt last week.  The babies finished me off.  Going back to work is more tiring than I remember.

Getting out of the house – even slightly on time – seems to be ten times more difficult with two than with just the one.  We just don’t seem to manage it, even getting up 30 minutes earlier.

If Teagan is good, then Ashlin needs to be nursed.  Or changed.  Again.  If Ashlin is a happy (and clean!) baby in the morning, then Teagan is the one who drags her feet.

Yeah, I guess some of it is me.  I need my coffee in the morning.  You really don’t want to talk to me much if I haven’t had even half a cup.  And then there’s the hair-drying time.  Supposedly, I’m not allowed to cut my hair short, though that may help get us to work on time.

In the craziness that’s been the few weeks that I’ve been back to work, and Ashlin’s been going to day care, (and still not taking more than 4-5oz,) we did lots of things.

  1. Teagan rode a (small) carousel all by herself (over and over and over!)
  2. Put Ashlin in an umbrella stroller (she did great!)
  3. Worked late and over the weekend (and will again!)
  4. Exposed Ashlin to bagpipes.  She slept though a lot of it.
  5. Let Teagan pet a cow
  6. I ate a fried Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich!  Yummy!
  7. Took the girls to the beach for a walk/wheel
  8. Gave Ashlin some food (at a few days shy of six months):
    1. Oat cereal – she got into it quickly, I needed to thicken it up!
    2. sweet potatoes – LOVED them
    3. peas – eh, wanted to do the spoon herself
    4. and mum mums – totally enjoyed feeding herself!
Hopefully, I’ll have a bit more strength these upcoming weeks.  Not sure, as work is getting into hysterical overdrive, thanks to two concurrent global projects.











2 responses to “September 26, 2011

  1. Kate says:

    This is much of why I fear two. The “calm” times are so rare, I don’t think I can risk it! But, you have two very lovely gals. Sleeping through bagpipes? I mean, come on, impressive. (She’ll grow to adore them.)

    Fried PB&J? I didn’t even go for that at the Big E! But perhaps this will be a theme for an upcoming gals night?

  2. lisasff says:

    I suppose if I was better organized, or better in the morning, it wouldn’t be quite so difficult. We do pass them off, well, depending on the need. Stu will change Ashlin while I comb Teagan’s hair.

    And tee hee hee! I now have two girls that will sleep through bagpipes. Pipes in the Valley was Teagan’s first exposure too, two years ago. Although back then we stayed late to see the headlining band. These kids are “half” Irish, after all! Of course they love pipes!!

    We’ve never made the Big E so far… maybe next year. I’ve never seen fried PB&J before… it was pretty dang good!

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