What to muse about today?

September 10, 2011

on September 10, 2011


Today, Teagan buried her sister with toys in her exersaucer.

Then she ate a spider.

It was a toast spider that Stu made.


First, she pulled off each leg and ate it.


She didn’t like the eyes – Stu used Marmite for those.  So he put brown sauce over them. That worked.

Then Stu made a star and a moon.  She LOVED them too.

I think the spider somehow put her in a bad mood, maybe it was all the legs?  She was a beat the rest of the day, even with two longish naps.  She’d want to do something, then when you started doing it, she’d cry hysterically.  So, we’d stop, and she’d cry hysterically.

She was not fun to be around today.

Ashlin, on the other hand, was a sweetheart.


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