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September 2, 2011

on September 2, 2011

Once he gets to work, Stu usually sends me updates on the ride to daycare with Teagan, and how she is as he drops her off, how his drive in was.  I really enjoy these e-mails.  It gives me a glimpse into part of her day, a part that I don’t get to see.  Yesterday, I got this e-mail:

As for this morning, she was cracking jokes with me about nonsense all the way to daycare… you know, baby stuff…

“mama’s car?” … “no, dada’s car” … “mama’s car!” (huge amount of laughter).

“dada Lisa?” … “no, dada Stuart” … “ dada Leeeeesa!” (huge amount of laughter).

She thinks she’s the funniest person she knows.

Basically, if Ruth’s there, she’s fine being dropped off now. She just trots off without a look back. Though she did stop this morning to say “Teagan picture!” because there’s a picture of her on her cubby box again now.

She also thought the mouse* running away was great. She didn’t call it a duck this time though, she shouted “MOUSE! “ and then did cute mouse noise “SQUEE SQUEE!” And then said “Have it?” By which time, even if the answer was yes, it was too late as the thing did about nine hundred mile per hour away from the car.

Awesome.  She’s getting a very good sense of humor.  Beginning to see more and more of the world around her, how the world carries over from one day to the next.  She now understands that there are consequences, well, sort of.

Tonight, as they came home, Stu shared another story:

Teagan saw a dandelion seed-head and asked “pick it?” Stu said she could, and once she did, she blew on it <puff puff puff> until all the seeds flew away.  She saw two more and asked again “pick them?”  Stu said that since her friend G was coming over tomorrow, that maybe she could save them and give one to G and she could have the other and they could both blow and watch the seeds fly away together.  She asked “Teagan’s?”  “Yes, Teagan’s.”  “Dere G’s?” “Yes, that one is G’s.”  “This one, Teagan’s?”  “Yes, “Pick it!” and she picked it.blew on the seed-head and watched the seeds float away. She then looked at the third dandelion, the one Stu said would be for G, and then she picked it and <puff puff puff> watched the seeds float away.  “Fun!”

Sorry G, Teagan used your dandelion.

In other news, Ashlin finally found Stu’s nose.


* Yes, there are mice in the basement again.  We need to figure out how they’re getting in.


2 responses to “September 2, 2011

  1. Colleen says:

    Colleen D* G* commented on your post.

    Colleen wrote: “all good stuff Lisa.. always love to read what you write..”

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