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August 29, 2011 ~ Hurricane Irene Edition *

on August 29, 2011

So.  We got home ok.  Our house survived.  We got lucky.  Neighbors on both sides had trees down.  One had lost bits of his roof and siding boards.

Driving home, we really only had issues – and nothing major – in the very beginning and very end, when we were on the minor roads.  Once we got to the highways, the interstates, we were just fine.  The minor roads had some flooding, and trees down.  Pretty amazing for an area that wasn’t supposed to be too impacted by Hurricane Irene.  The Taconic Parkway did have some flooding too, and there was a bit northbound that was closed.  Thankfully, southbound was still passable!

And we lucked out once we got home.  Our house was fine.  Lots of the local roads had trees down, lines down, some impassable.  We had lost power at one point – all the clocks were flashing – but it was back by the time we got home.

Teagan was intrigued by the trees in the road.  She wanted to go for a walk to see the trees that “fall down, boom.”  So, we loaded her and her sister into the stroller and did a quick walk around the block.  Teagan wanted to sit in the back, so we put Ashlin in the front, in her car seat.  Every time we went over a bump, Teagan would say “bump” and Ashlin would give Teagan a huge grin.  It was fantastic.  We saw a few trees down, and some lines too, and tried to give them a wide berth.

Dad's car under the tree

Once we got back, Teagan still wanted to see more, so I took her on a walk around the “short” block.  She got so excited each time she saw a tree down.  Or a branch. And she’d tell me about it, like I didn’t see it.

We made out better than my parents did, dad’s car was one of three that had a tree, or part of a tree, fall on them.

Tree down

When Stu went out this morning, there were still lots of trees across the roads, and power lines down, some very live and sparking.

We also were much luckier than quite a few of our friends.  Our old town, as well as the neighboring towns, are 100% without power.  Lots of Connecticut is without power.  It’s a record breaking number of houses with power outages, worse even than Hurricane Gloria from back in the 1980’s.

Lines down

I e-mailed someone from our former street, and they made it through ok, and they said that power isn’t expected until Saturday.  I can’t imagine!  There was a big storm a few years after I moved out to CT, and the power was out on our street, and a few neighboring ones, for something like four days, and that was not fun.  I can’t imagine a full week.  Seven days.

I invited our power-less friends over to do wash.  Take showers.  Save some sanity.  Hopefully, they will have power sooner than the rumor.


One response to “August 29, 2011 ~ Hurricane Irene Edition *

  1. lisasff says:

    Kat O* W* commented on your post.

    Kat wrote: “Glad you and family (except for Dad’s car) faired well with the storms. I think it’s cute the way Teagan wanted to assess the damages on her own. :-) Another ‘memory’ for her scrapbook.”


    Kat, we were so very, very lucky. I don’t think there was more than scratches on dad’s car. Many of our friends, and former neighbors are still without power. I’ve had a few come shower and do laundry at the house. Cooked a hot dinner, and played games while they enjoyed the simpler things in life – light, music, news.

    I’ll update the tag on the post, to be able to pull the T&A Story out :)

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