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August 12, 2011 ~ Ashlin Loves Sophie

on August 12, 2011

Ashlin loves Sophie.  Need I say more?

She arrived today!  Yay!

Love at first Nom.

She’s been nomed.  A lot.

I have a feeling that this will become a favorite toy. Quickly.

Now, I wish I had gotten one for Teagan.


5 responses to “August 12, 2011 ~ Ashlin Loves Sophie

  1. lisasff says:

    Lori G* commented on your post.

    Lori wrote: “Cute.: ) I have seen a few blogs where Moms have posted that as a favorite toy.”


    Lori, there’s something magical about sophie… Her shape, texture, coloring… Babies generally LOVE her. I had wanted one with Teagan, but back then sophie was too expensive. She’s a bit less now, and much more popular. Teagan would steal Guthrie’s every chance she had.

  2. lisasff says:

    Kathy O* W* commented on your post.

    Kathy wrote: “Interesting toy to ‘nom’ on. Is it used for teething or is it a ‘real’ toy? She definitely seemed to like it very well.”


    Kat, this is a real toy, imported from France. She’s been around since the sixties, I believe. Ashlin totally loves it. It’s just the right weight and size, with great places to grab on, and then gnaw away at. Definitely worth the $18!

  3. lisasff says:

    David T* commented on your post.

    David wrote: “That LOOK! : )”


    He he he. She thought I was going to take her Sophie away :)

  4. lisasff says:

    Cecily E* L* commented on your photo.

    Cecily wrote: “Hey Lisa–btw–Sienna LOVED her Sophie when she was a baby…hope you guys are all well. :)”


    Ces, I had wanted to get one for Teagan, as she was always stealing a friend’s. We’re doing well – survived Irene without too many issues. Thanks! Hope you guys are well too!

  5. lisasff says:

    Sonia B* commented on your photo.

    Sonia wrote: “Awwww she looks alot like her older sister <3"


    Sonia, Thanks!! I think she does, too! Sometimes, more than others :)

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