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August 2, 2011

on August 2, 2011

Big girl with a braid

I finally was able to wade through all the pictures I/we took during July.  It was a busy month for photos!  So, finally, pictures with Nana and Auntie Em at the zoo are up, pictures from this weekend are too.  I even got through the videos too!  I’m sure that Teagan will be very unhappy with me.  But oh, it’s so fun to take pictures, and videos of her being cute!  And Ashlin too.

In other news, she’s been very cute lately.  More often than not – tonight was another no-nap meltdown. This morning, she let me attempt to braid her hair.  I’m sure that once I get the hang of it I could do better.  Driving her in to day care this morning – even though she asked not to go – she asked “this way?”  As if I was going a different way than Stu does.  Once at day care, she clams up.  Not a word once we get through the door.  I know that she goes back to normal quickly enough.  It’s just odd to see her personality so muted.

Playing in the splash pool at Guthries party, she had a blast!  At first she didn’t want to go all the way through, but eventually, she did.  She had so much fun that after we warmed her up, she got back in.  Wearing just her diaper.  But most of the kids were like that.  It is nearly impossible to put a dry kid into a wet bathing suit.

Since she had so much fun with the splash pool, I pulled out her blow up pool from last summer and found the sprinkler.  She was stoked!  She loved the sprinkler, but refused to run through it.  She would go up and put her head in, but dada, (or mama,) had to carry her through.  She decided cannon ball was not a good name, and changed it to “splashy ball!”

Just yesteday, our cocky little girl put dada in the corner for being “bad bad!”  He was trying to play with her as the storm rolled in – tickle birds (cheep cheep), snuffle pig, froot bat.  She wasn’t in the mood for any of the games.  “No, Dada!  Go dere, corner.  Bad bad!  Stay!”  He wasn’t allowed out, until she wanted more juice.  LOL!  I was relegated to the sofa – “sit dere, mama.”

Going through the videos, I was able to see how much our little, big, girl has changed.  Grown.  Evolved.  Just look at her dancing the beginning of the month to the Ting Tings:

And then look at her following along to Katy Perry:

I’m sure she won’t eventually hate me for those.  Well, probably not.

Ashlin, on the other hand, has almost learned to blow raspberries!

My girls are getting so big!


2 responses to “August 2, 2011

  1. Kate says:

    Guthrie was taken with the pool video. “I watch Teagan jump on the water! I watch Teagan jump on the water again. Please!!!” Over and over. During the video: giggle giggle giggle.

    • lisasff says:

      Aw. So sweet! He was giggling?

      Well, if weather holds out, we’ll be jumping in the pool again this weekend… And he can come over and jump and play splashy ball with her.

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