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July 6, 2011

on July 6, 2011


Monday we went to the Aquarium.  The one in Norwalk.  We hadn’t been there before, and thought that maybe it would be better to go West in the morning than East.  Stu and I really wanted to go East though.  We didn’t want to brave the holiday traffic though.

Looking at Cow Nose Rays

Teagan, as expected, had a great time.  She loves fish, looking at fish.  Previous trips to Mystic have always bee good, as long as there was a nap too.

We met up with another family – Nathan! – and the two kiddos had a great time playing in the play area.  Jumping on cheese, standing on fish.  Hitting each other (bad, bad!) with paddles.  Stu has pictures of the two of them making friends and playing.  I hung back with the other baby.  Who stayed awake!  The entire time!

Awake baby is awake!

The exhibits were nice.  There were meercats (“Digging house?”), sharks (“Eat people”), a seal or two.  Jellyfish (“jelly, eat?”).  Blue poison frogs (‘ribbit”).  There were no river otters – their exhibit was empty. :(  There weren’t any penguins either, which, thankfully she didn’t expect to see, though would have blown her mind.*

Controlling a dinosaur

They had just put their anamatronic dinosaur exhibit together.  It was a bit cheezy, hatching dino eggs and some veggiesaurus with false teeth. Stu had fun running the controls though.

It appears that this is now an annual thing.  Last year on July 4th we went to Mystic Aquarium.  Had an awesome day, and then dinner with good friends.

Teagan loved looking at the fish then too:

One Year Ago!

No, it’s not the same outfit.  But look how much she’s changed!


* She’s been pretending she’s a penguin in her bath, slipping and swimming around in the tub.  So cute.


One response to “July 6, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Lori G* commented on your post.

    Lori wrote: “I’ve been to that aquarium a few years ago with Pok Tom. I enjoyed the exhibit of what you can find on the coastline of CT, the seals and the Jellyfish tube was Awesome! Like your own natural lava lamp. lol … small aquarium but nice for a day trip. There is also an excellent train yard display/museum? right down the street but you must climb a lot of stairs to get there. It has original train equiptment on display.”


    Lori: It was our first time to this Aquarium. It’s not as fun as Mystic, but it is much closer.

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