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July 2, 2011

on July 2, 2011

We went to see some fireworks last night.  Started the evening with a picnic dinner on the grass.  Teagan really enjoyed it, she got to triple and quadruple dip her carrots in the veggie dip.  Stu and I decided that it was her dip.  LOL!

There was music too, and Teagan just couldn’t sit still.  She wanted to dance!  It was hard to get her to slow down enough to eat dinner.

She had a blast listening to the Military band play march songs.  They even played Menomena!  After the band was over, there was a DJ before.

She was so tired by the time the DJ came on (she didn’t nap at day care, but fell asleep in the car on the way over, so we waited about 30 minutes before heading out to let her sleep!) that she was down to a polite golf clap:

I wish the fireworks had started earlier, she was so tired.  At first she was scared.  “No dada!” for the first blast.  “All dun!” along with a frantic sign for emphasis at the second boom.  But at the third one, “Twinkle stars!!”

She loved them!  “Boom boom boom!”

“Bang bang!”


Honey, I wish I could make them shoot off some more.  Maybe tomorrow.

Ashlin was awake (!) for quite a bit.  She fell asleep before the fireworks started, woke up during them and cried a bit for the last few launches.  Sleep returned as soon as the booms stopped.

Getting Sleepy


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