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June 30, 2011

on June 30, 2011

Monkey see, monkey do.  Look who learned a new trick.

Stu started this with Teagan last night.  Today, when he dropped her off at day care, she showed the teachers her new trick.

I’m not sure if I’m proud or not.

It is kinda funny.


But it does show that we need to start being careful of what we say and do.  She’s such a sponge.


3 responses to “June 30, 2011

  1. Kris A says:

    Uh oh…..you’re in trouble now!! She will do and say anything you do from now on. Thank goodness you won’t lose spelling as an alternate form of communication for another 2 to 3 years!!

    • lisasff says:

      Yeah. We need to be careful. Of course, both Stu and I dropped S and F bombs this morning. Thankfully, Teagan didn’t notice!

  2. lisasff says:

    Kathy O* W* commented on your post.

    Kathy wrote: “hee hee really like ti.”


    It is kinda funny, isn’t it?

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