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June 25, 2011

on June 25, 2011

Tired TeaganWe had good friends visit and stay over night.  Yay!  So nice to see them again.  They live in PA, so we don’t get to see them anywhere near often enough.

It was a good visit, with laughs and games and funny stories from back when we were young and stupid.  And cranky kids (mine) and helpful kids (hers).  And new funny stories:

We were nearing the end of dinner and Teagan was quickly turning into a whining, very tired mess – she hadn’t napped at day care.  Again.

She had started the meal out cheerful enough, gleefully trying to make everyone laugh.  Thomas and Katie are a good audience for her antics.  In telling the story about why Cookie Monster doesn’t have a nose Teagan gleefully explained to all that he ate it! Nom, Nom, Nom!

But eventually  she started unraveling.  Distractions and cute stories lost their power.  Rich was tried to distract her, tried to make her laugh.  Father of Teagan’s two audience members, he has experience!  As some of her play food was on the table, Rich picked up the pickle and did that magic trick (like with quarters) and pulled it out of her ear.  The first time he did it, she was distracted by someone (Thomas?) and she didn’t quite catch what happened.  He did it again, and this time, Teagan was paying attention.  She completely freaked.  Her eyes went huge.  She put her hand on her ear and turned to look at Rich.  Tears started leaking out, and her lower lip quivered.  Rich didn’t quite notice and started to do it again.  She started crying louder and basically ran to Stu and buried her head in his chest.

At first we were laughing – it is a good joke, and she was talking about eating Cookie Monster’s nose a little earlier.  But seeing how upset Teagan was, we quickly tried to reassure her that everything was ok.  She left Stu and came to me.  She spent the next 10 minutes or so with her head buried in my shoulder.  I felt horrible, laughing while she was so visibly horrified.  Rich felt bad too.  We assured the two of them that everything was ok.  That he really hadn’t pulled the pickle from her ear, and that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Teagan went to bed very soon after that, and we had a good night playing Apples to Apples.

Today, Teagan called Rich “Mr. Pickle Man” and was a little reserved around him, but generally ok.

Ashlin was fussy – had a crying jag – and slept.  At least they got to see her a little bit, and she smiled at them.

After they left, Teagn came up to me and tried to pull a pickle out of my ear.  And laughed.

PS.  Updated the “Things I Never Thought I Would Say

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