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June 19, 2011

on June 19, 2011
Facing front!

Facing front!

Happy Father’s Day!

We turned her around today.  It was time. For Father’s Day we went home – a long two hour drive.  When Stu opened the door and she saw her car seat turned around, she shrieked with joy! So awesome.  She was rear-facing up through yesterday, and hadn’t really complained at all.  Even with her legs crossed so much she was almost sitting lotus style.

Back home for Father’s Day.  Teagan signed both Dada’s and Pop-pop’s card.  She drew faces, trees, fish and frogs.  A circle, a line. Before, she never wanted to draw inside, this time, she did.  Yay!

The ride up was uneventful.  Teagan was happy, she didn’t sleep until just before we got there.  Ashlin slept most of the way.  She glared at her sister part of the way.  The look is intense.  She stared her foot part of the way.  Don’t worry, the monkey toes are still there.

Once we got unpacked and in the house, I went to go nurse Ashlin, with the hopes that she’d fall asleep and I’d be able to relax for a little.  No luck.  She started screaming and crying the minute I went up stairs.  Inconsolable.  Her face and legs turned bright red.  Nothing seemed to work for at least 20 minutes.  Nothing.  She eventually pooped and starting calming down, just a little.  She was still very upset though.

After a bit, I got Stu’s attention and asked him to bring up a pacifier.  Stu put the pacifier in her mouth and I started bicycling her legs and slowly she got better and better.  Stu took over and after a bit, got her soothed enough to fall asleep.  We got her swaddled and she slept for lunch.

Although I was able to nurse her when she woke up, she started screaming again.  All forms of soothing did not work.  After about 15 minutes started bicycling again, and that seemed to help.  Slowly, she calmed enough to try to put back to sleep.  She didn’t sleep, but had a nice quiet time like she does.  The ceiling fan is a novelty, different than the “over the hill” balloon that we have tied to her pack n play.

So, all in all, she was screaming and inconsolable for about an hour today.  She’s never been this bad before.  We thought maybe it was gas, but although she got better after releasing some, she still seemed in pain, still upset.

By the time we left, she seemed better, falling asleep almost before we left town.  The rash on her legs – if it was a rash – was just about gone.  She’s been ok since we’ve been home, nursed fine, and is sleeping now.  If it happens again, I’ll be calling the doctor.

Teagan on the return trip was a bit cranky.  She didn’t sleep as we hoped.  If she had been rear-facing, I’m sure she would have.  She would have nothing to watch.  LOL!  She tried to get out of her shoulder straps, didn’t listen to Stu after three requests to stay in the straps.  She got disciplined – small hand slap – for not listening.  We told her that she needs to wear the straps, that they keep her safe.  She behaved – as much as an extremely tired girl can – for the rest of the trip.  She even turned the volume of her singing down from 11 to about 8…  Fell asleep the second we got home.  Tired girl.

Both girls are sleeping…  I’ll be shortly!



4 responses to “June 19, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Kathy O’* W* commented on your post.

    Kathy wrote: “Sounds like an enventful, but satisfying trip. Hope the ‘gas’ problem with Ashlin is all better. Hugs to them both.”


    Thanks! Today she seems just about back to her normal happy and chattering self. Just a bit more sleepy. The “rash” on her legs is still there, but hasn’t spread. Fingers crossed she stays happy :D

  2. lisasff says:

    Lori G* commented on your post.

    Lori wrote: “Was she perhaps having a reaction to a food she ate through your milk? That might account for a rash.”


    Lori, No, I don’t think it is a food allergy/sensitivity. I hadn’t eaten anything different that day, and she didn’t have any vomiting or congestion that is related to allergies/sensitivities, nor was the rash anywhere but her calves.

  3. lisasff says:

    Kathy O* W* commented on your post.

    Kathy wrote: “Good thought Lori.”


    It is, and I do wish it was that. But Ashlin didn’t have the symptoms of an allergy or sensitivity.
    It seemed more like a pain reaction. We checked for hair tourniquets on her fingers and toes, in her diaper. Bicycling her legs seemed to help. She has been difficult to burp before… She was better yesterday and today.

    Oh, btw, kellymom has a lot of good information for nursing moms. This is their page for food allergies and sensitivities: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/food-sensitivity.html

  4. […] melted down.  Turned purple.  And her lower legs broke out in the pin point type rash.  Like on Father’s day at my parents house.  Two days after the episode, the doctor said that it didn’t look like a […]

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