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June 18, 2011

on June 18, 2011

You know you watch too much kid tv when you hear “razzle dazzle” in a grown up tv show both you and your husband repeat it and then giggle.  We both looked sheepishly at each other.  Our daughter likes Yo Gabba Gabba a bit too much.

Yesterday, she came home from day care saying “Mama isa, dada isa, no, Stuaaaaahh.”  Stu would ask about her sister, “Sistah Ashlin,”  “And the cat?”  “Meow meow?”  “Yes, Meow meow.” “Isa!”



Today was a good day.  She played with her new-to-her kitchen most of the morning, until nap time.  She napped  hard.  When she gets into a sleep debt, it needs to be repaid.  We enjoy it being repaid on the weekends.  I’m sure this is why we still get two naps on weekends, the kid needs her sleep.

After her nap, Stu went out to mow and the three of us stayed inside.  Again, she played with the kitchen, bringing me forks (fahck) and spoons (poon!).  Cups of imaginary milk or water.  Ashlin was given a bowl of something, a cup of milk.  She was nursing at the time, so declined.

After her second nap (yay!), Stu took her to Lowe’s and the grocery store.  He went looking for a new garage door.  One was a bit beat up when we moved in, and it finally gave the ghost, or the top panel did.  The door was too big and heavy to fit in the wagon.  At the grocery store, he told Teagan that they were going to pick up some beer for me.  She repeated to everyone that would listen “mama, beer!”  Gotta love that.

Later, in the bath, she farted.  Nice big bubbles!  Stu asked her “what was that?”  She answered “Ashlin’s bum!”  Really?  Your sister did that from all the way downstairs?  Teagan giggled.

As she has for the past few baths, she played “penguin” as the water drained away, slipping and sliding around the tub on her belly.  She’s getting a bit big for it, but it’s still very cute.  I’d video and post it, but I may get in trouble.  It’s so cute though.

Stu got her ready for bed, did the rest of the bedtime routine – pj’s, book, bubbles.  He added in one more step – having her repeat “no crying” before leaving her for the night.  It seems to be working, we don’t need to go in two minutes after leaving her with kisses and “love yous.”  Tonight, she was cheeky.  Instead of repeating “no crying,”  she said “yes, crying” and laughed.

She’s getting a sense of humor.

still chilling

growing, but still chilling

Ashlin was mostly chill today.  She went outside with us for a little bit when we looked for Stu’s pedometer.  A little difficult to get nap, but generally happy.  I was able to get more video of her chattering.  This kid never shuts up, even when she sleeps.





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