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June 16, 2011

on June 16, 2011
No Nap!

No Nap!

Tonight on our walk Teagan fell asleep.  Almost mid-sentence.  LOL!  She hasn’t napped at day care all week.

Stu and I were talking about this earlier, ironically at the start of the walk.  She really hasn’t napped well since they moved her to the “older” toddler room.  The room where they take her to the bathroom at least once a day, if she asks.  She is a nosy little thing, and that could be one reason – she needs to know what’s going on.  It could be that in the young toddler room, some of the teachers would hold and rock her until she got very sleepy.  In the new room, they don’t.  She has said that she’s a big girl, and doesn’t need to be rocked.  But she doesn’t sleep.

Teagan seems to need about 13.5-14 hours of sleep a day.  If she doesn’t get it during the week, she makes up for it on the weekend.  I think that is the biggest reason why we can get two naps on the weekend.  Both her mom and dad love sleep, need their sleep.  It makes sense that our daughter needs it too.

Obviously, there’s something that’s keeping her from napping at day care.  We just need to find it out.


No More Bumps!

No More Bumps!

Ashlin was difficult to get to nap today – she would go about 2 hours or so between naps.  I had gotten her to sleep about 10 minutes before Stu and Teagan got home.  So, she started the walk asleep, but woke up.  There may have been too many bumps in the sidewalk.


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