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May 25, 2011

on May 25, 2011

Today was Teagan’s Two  Year Doctor’s appointment.  First appointment with the new practice, well, for her anyway.  Ashlin has seen these doctors several times already.  First time I get to go out with both girls.  Yikes!!

When I picked her up at day care, Teagan was in a deep sleep – it was nap time.  Silly me, I made her appointment, I didn’t think about nap times.  I will in the future.  By the time we got to the doctor’s office, Teagan was awake, singing in the back seat, asking if we were “done” yet.

Ashlin gets put in the stroller frame, Teagan gets her backpack with leash, just in case.  I ask her to hold my hand while we walk across the parking lot.  She’s usually good about holding hands when we’re out, but with Ashlin there, I didn’t want to take any chances.  How do you chose who to run after?

Once we got into the exam room, Teagan went all quiet and shy.  She did not want to let the doctor listen to her heart, nor examine her ears, or look at her teeth.  We were able to get her to cooperate enough to check her ears – no infection!  Teeth, well, maybe next time.  I mentioned how the top molars had broken through, and the lower left was in the process of erupting.  No clue about the lower right.

The Doctor asked about eating habits (very good), sleeping (also usually good), vocabulary and speech (pretty good, lots of words, 3-4 word sentences), car seat position (still rear, though she said we may want to turn her around soon.  I said that we’d probably keep her rear facing until she was either too heavy or too ornery).  She asked if there were any concerns, asked about the ear infections, but as we hadn’t had any in a while, she let that go.  For now.  Tubes will come up again, I’m sure.

While the doctor was asking all these questions, Teagan was wandering around the room, poking at things, playing with the books and toys.  Going up to the doctor and pointing to her laptop.  Very relaxed.  Teagan mentioned how dada had a computer too – “like dada,” and “dada have” – and started touching the back of the case, like she does at home.  She then touched the side, right where the power button was and turned off the doctor’s laptop!  LOL!  I apologized, mentioning that she’s done that to Stu’s laptop more times than she should have.

Imagine the ball is a laptop

I did mention about how we found a tick on Teagan – in her hair line – the other day.  That we were pretty sure it hadn’t been on her for more than 24 hours, it wasn’t engorged. We need to keep an eye on the site, and if there’s a rash, they would have her tested and then treated.  They don’t do prophylactic treatment on toddlers, which I agree with.  Why give medication if it’s not needed?

Teagan followed the doctor out of the room as she left, before the PA came in to give her the shot.  Well, the doc left the door open.  Teagan decided that she would go into the open rooms and say “hi!” to everyone.  I wrangle  her back and she got her shot like a champ!  Very few tears, that dried up quickly.  As usual.

So, she’s about 28-29 pounds (she wriggled on the scale, so we didn’t get a very accurate measurement) and 34 inches tall.  Doctor was pleased with how she looked and acted.  We have to go have a blood draw in the next week or so.  Fun.  (I’ve asked Stu to take her, I don’t know if I can handle her during that).  Then another appointment in six months.

Ashlin cried most of the visit.  Fun.

But I did survive taking the two out.  Alone.  Yay me!


4 responses to “May 25, 2011

  1. Kris A says:

    You made it through your outing!! What is the blood draw for? Why did the dr. think you should turn her around in the car seat?

    • lisasff says:

      I did! In and out of day care, the car, the doctor’s office. Being *in* the doctor’s office. Yay me!

      The blood draw is a CBC and iron and blah blah blah. At her one year appointment they did one too, but it was a heel prick type draw. This one is at an actual lab draw place. She’s getting so big :(

      The doc thought that we should turn her because she’s getting a bit long. She’s not too long for the seat though, nor near the weight limit for rear facing. I know the AAP just changed their recommendations – minimum of 2 years or until they reach the maximum weight/height of the seat .

      I know we’re hitting the edge of needing to, it is getting hard to get her in the chair. Our seat will go for 35 lbs rear facing, so she’s not there yet. I have to check to see how she fits – she needs to have her head 1 inch below the top of the headrest. I’m not sure where it is, but I will check today. :)

      She mentioned about her legs being crossed and the kid being uncomfortable. Teagan does need to cross her ankles when she’s in the seat. But wouldn’t it be preferable to have the kid break a leg or something than to risk a more serious neck injury? I don’t think I’m being over protective here.

  2. Kate says:

    Go you! I will confess to being a little bummed you weren’t disappointed enough with the new doc to switch back, but that’s a wee bit selfish. ;) We’re also watchin’ the scales to see when G will flip around–our seat maxes at 35 rear-facing. But I totally agree that broken leg trumps neck injury!

    Quiet and shy I’d take in a second. I don’t remember the last doc appt G didn’t howl through. He HATES the ear light. They are sworn enemies.

    Happy 2!

    • lisasff says:

      If Ashlin wasn’t around, with possibly frequent or urgent needs, we might not have bothered… We did wait until she came around before switching :D

      Quiet and shy was when the doc asked questions. She howled for the ear light and the stethoscope. And no teeth/mouth/throat check at all, although she loved playing with the tongue depressors. LOL.

      I do feel an outlet trip coming up… I need some interim clothes :D

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