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May 18, 2011

on May 18, 2011

Two years ago today I was in the hospital, being “ripened,” waiting to be induced.  It was not how either Stu nor I planned the day.  We had gone to the doctor’s appointment on the way to work.  We both had meetings.  There was no hospital bag in the car.  So, of course, I was sent from the doctor’s office to the hospital.

They were worried about my fluid level.  The baby was doing ok, but couldn’t stay in any longer.

I spent Monday afternoon and night contracting, not really feeling any of it.  Progression was slow and boring.  Being in the hospital alone sucked.  Waiting sucked.  Anticipation sucked.

After a quick peek through the blog archives, it seems that I never wrote up Teagan’s birth story.  Or, I haven’t found the blog entry yet.  I do know that Stu sent me his version, and I thought I had written mine up, I’ll keep looking.

I can say that she didn’t want to come, she fought to stay in all day. They didn’t move me down to L&D until 10am or so the following morning.  There was intervention after intervention – more than I wanted.  Ripening, pitocin, foley balloon, water broken, more pitocin, Nubain. My parents calling (really!) to see how I was doing. I hadn’t wanted an epidural, I ended up getting one. I was so tired by the time it was time to push I didn’t think I could. I remember that I wanted to push but they told me I couldn’t. Once they let me, I ended up pushing her out in 45 minutes. The cord was around her neck – bent her ear back, and it stayed like that for a few weeks.

She was a girl!  Born to “High and Dry” by Radiohead.  She came out a bit blue and didn’t pink up quickly. Her apgars weren’t too good – I think a 6 and then an 8? But she was ok. I was so tired once she was out, I thought I would drop her after they bundled her up and gave her to me. I had Stu take her from me.

It all ended up being worth it. I’m so glad our beautiful princess is here. She really is a joy (as long as she’s not tired!).  The way she sees, learns, the world is awesome.  I love her to bits.

Two Years Ago Tomorrow

Two Years Ago Tomorrow

Mother's Day 2011



7 responses to “May 18, 2011

  1. Tom says:

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing Lisa.

  2. lisasff says:

    Colleen D* G* commented on your post.

    Colleen wrote: “adorable.. I remember the “don’t push” as my little one was 8-9 days late and I did go into labor before the induction.. was going along and along and painful.. but I wasn’t getting an epidural.. didn’t have my midwife either.. some doctor.. she pulled up a chair next to the bed when I hit 8cm and asked if I was ready for the epidural.. I didn’t even answer her.. she eventually got up and left.. as my silence was my answer.. I asked for some pitocin to kick me up and over.. instead of going backwards.. as soon as they added the pitocin and they all left the room.. I said to my husband.. “I have to push” he said.. “they said don’t push” he went running out of the room and down the hall.. they all rushed back.. and 5 contractions later.. “what’s her name?” the doc wanted her out in 4 contractions.. with the oxygen mask on my face.. I couldn’t breath that well with all that crap on my face.. and I felt the stitches.. hello.. did you numb that?? geesh.. oh the things we remember.. Love my little one to bits too.. when she isn’t mouthy.. and talking back.. 4 almost 5 going on 14..”


    Yeah, there are odd details I remember too. How hard it was to walk with the balloon, the red and green bulbs at the ends. Asking Stu how guys walked. Wanting to walk as long as possible. Enjoying the yoga birthing ball. Once my water was broken for me, not being able to keep up with the back labor. The relief of the Nubain. Nausea and heart burn. How awesome the midwife was. How “evil” the labor nurse was as she upped the pitocin. Desperately waiting for enough IV fluid to go in for the epi. How good pushing felt. How terrified I was of pooping. How I didn’t feel the tearing, and how painful the stitches were going in. The sense of accomplishment as I stared into her eyes the following day.

    • lisasff says:

      Colleen wrote: “you had more steps there.. then I.. but I totally understand all that you share Lisa.. and the accomplishment after all was done.. and looking at the beautiful red headed baby.. a twisted thought I remember having after having Miss Macy was that I would want to go through the labor all over again the same way.. I only took 3 – 1/4 doses of stad-all.. the first 1/4 dose was mostly to see how I felt taking it.. and I could feel myself coming off from the little dose… then I knew when I needed to ask for more.. it only took my head away from the contractions.. still felt it all.. but it helped and then the pitocin really pushed me to 10 in NO TIME.. was insane.. I was only in labor for 12 hours.. start to finish.. thankfully.. I didn’t feel the tearing either.. but those stitches.. geesh.. the tugging and pulling on the thread.. INSANE.. Too funny.. glad that is behind me.. there were times I wanted another baby but having the first at 39 was late enough.. didn’t want to push my 40+ luck.. and with all our planning to move and stuff.. and that the transition to mother hood wasn’t easy.. adding more children would have probably sent me to the crazy house.. Glad we can share.. Peace..”

      Yeah, a few more steps than it seems you had. But end result is the same – we both have beautiful babies.

      Stadol is like Nubain, if I remember correctly. Same drug, different name. Just enough to “remove” you from the immediacy of the pain to go on, but not as much as an epi, less invasive too.

      Stitches suck. No matter where they are. But some are worse than others!

      We’re done with this new peanut. As you know, we pushed our 40+ luck. Not in the mood to do that scare again. And with the complicated and difficult pregnancies I seem to have, I don’t know if I could go through another one.

      • lisasff says:

        Colleen wrote: “Yes.. and YAY to beautiful babies..”

      • lisasff says:

        Colleen wrote: “You are a trooper Lisa.. you had some tough pregnancies.. I just didn’t like the entire process… and was COMPLETELY surprised to learn that I was.. and you try so long to not get pregnant and then you are.. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Was shocking to me.. didn’t think I could.. a blessing to say the least.. always good to chat w/ you.. Take good care.. Peace”


        Awww…. Thanks! I don’t feel like a trooper.

        Your little one is such a cutie!! So nice that we have them, even though the getting them here part isn’t so much fun.

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