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May 12, 2011

on May 12, 2011

Ashlin napped in her crib for the first time this afternoon.  A   wonderfully long nap that started in the pack n play an hour before being moved to the crib.  She had a busy morning after all!

We went to our first play date today.  LOL.  Funny to think of a play date with two 6 week old babies and an almost two year old.  We have taken her out for “meet ups” before – an apple hunt at the orchard, a walk on the beach – but this was more than her being there.

She didn’t really nap in the morning, though she did doze a bit in a bouncy chair.  She loved the bouncy chair.  I think we’ll need to get one, soon.  It worked better for her than the papasan lamb that we have.  Teagan loved the papasan lamb.  Just goes to show that each kid is different.

There was mat time with a little girl three days older than her.  The two of them were great with each other.  Each looking at each other – en guarde position.  Both kicking and moving their arms.  Cooing at each other.  It was so cute.  I didn’t video the girls, but do have a picture.  We’re going to need to get these girls together again soon!


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