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April 28, 2011

on April 28, 2011
O sleep! O gentle sleep!

O sleep! O gentle sleep!


She’s asleep!

Doh!  She’s awake again.  :(


Ok.  Whew!  She’s sleeping again.  She was awake almost all morning.  Starting at 4am.   I knew that 5 hour stretch she gave me the other night was too good to be true!

Peanut must be going through a growth spurt or something, to have only slept 4 hours in the past 8.  Argh!  I, however, was so tired I didn’t hear the alarm, nor do I remember waking up Stu.  He came in around 7:30 to wake me up for my shot, and then watch the Piglet eat breakfast so he could shower and get ready for work.

She wasn’t quite this awake yesterday, though it is a near call.  I’m really amazed that she can be up from 4 to almost 6am, then again around 8am until almost 11am.  At one month old, she should still be sleeping a lot.  I need her to sleep.

Coffee is good.  Naps are heaven.

The rest of the afternoon was ok, she slept a bit, not too much!  Gotta love that.  But do hope that she’ll sleep more at night.

But scenes like this are lovely:


Sweet Dreams!


3 responses to “April 28, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Christina S* commented on your post.

    Christina wrote: “maybe she wanted you to get up and watch the wedding…”


    LOL! She did!! I ended up going down stairs because she was fussy to watch the wedding coverage. 4am! I dozed a bit, she’s a nap machine! Thankfully, I had DVR’ed it so watched it – parts again – during the day!

  2. lisasff says:

    Paula H* C* commented on your post.

    Paula wrote: “Lisa I love reading your posts…I feel like I’m reliving when mine were babies….:)”

    Paula: Thanks!! It’s nice to know that people enjoy the blog entries. Kids are so much fun too!

  3. lisasff says:

    Lori G* commented on your post.

    Lori wrote: “I guess that’s why they say you should sleep when the baby sleeps…”

    Lori wrote: “4 hours is not enough to function and heal”


    Lori: No, four hours isn’t enough to be very refreshing, but for now, it’s what I need to function on. It will eventually stretch to longer intervals. Three hours now, soon, four, and oh, can’t wait for a real, repeated five hours in a row!

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