What to muse about today?

April 24, 2011


Bath time! We gave Ashlin a real bath. Finally.  Her first bath.  Well, out of the hospital and not including sponge baths.  She did great though I forgot how slippery newborns are!  LOL!  She kept sliding down the infant-support while I soaped her up.

 She seemed to enjoy it when I shampooed her hair.  She did not appreciate it much at all when I rinsed the soap out.  Her sister isn’t a fan of that either.

I need to see if it’s easier to bathe her in the kitchen sink, it would be better on my back, for one thing.  I think our support will work there.  And she’s not grabbing at things yet, so we don’t need to clear the counter and the window sill off.  For now.  Once she can sit up it will be a different story.  LOL!

Anyway, her hair smelled fantastic afterwards.

Her eyes seem more blue now than green.  Weird.  I hope we didn’t wash the green out of them!

PS.  Her complexion is not as fair as her sisters!