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April 22, 2011

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Yesterday, I tried to write a post .  I failed.  I did little more than upload the picture I wanted to use.  A picture of Teagan.  My big girl.

She looks so much bigger, is acting so much older than just even last week.  A blink of an eye ago.  I know that some if it is due to Ashlin being here, and being so small compared to Teagan.  And Ashlin’s not really that small, though she’s not a big baby either.

Teagan’s been using much more complex sentences, thoughts, than she was before.  She’s gone from “Titi’s milk” to “my milk” in what seems like days.  She does still refer to herself as the baby, but she also refers to Ashlin as her baby sister.  Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  It seems as if shes picking up something like five new words every day.  Her pronunciation is also improving.  If you ask her to watch you say a word, she can almost imitate it.  She still has issues with s’s and with th’s.  It’s so cute that she’s still saying “beeze” and “tank tou.”  She’ll even sing the Yo Gabba Gabba song.  Sometimes she will change the words to “Mama, Dada.”  Sometimes it’s mommy and not mama.  It’s still very cute.

She loves singing, laughing, trying to make us laugh.  She will ask you to eat her feet every morning and every evening.  It’s never an old joke.  It’s her job to turn out the lights at bedtime, and god forbid you do it for her.  She doesn’t cry anymore (mostly!) when you brush or comb her hair.  More mornings than not, she will demand you put a pony tail in her hair.

For you!

For you!

She loves going for walks, though she doesn’t like walking.  She much prefers to be pushed, but I think it’s because of the snack tray.  LOL.

She whispers “thank you,” but will shout “Love you!”  If you use the sign “I love you,” she will whisper it back, until she shouts.  Although she can’t get her fingers in the right formation, she will hold her hand up, palm to you as her way of signing it.  She gives spontaneous hugs, even to her sister.  She will also tell her sister to “be quiet,” and “no crying!”  Shhhhh.  She even told her sister that she loves her.  Without any prompting.  She will share her food and share her toys.  Usually.  Sometimes she needs reminding to play nice, but she generally does without the reminder.

She loves hats and her hop-hop shoes (bunny slippers).  She will almost always wake up in the morning with a rats nest for hair, but also a song.  I like listening to her sing in her crib while drinking coffee, hoping that she goes on and doesn’t start to cry.

She has had a few tantrums, especially if you forget her bubble in the car, but generally she’s a very happy girl.  She’s terribly fun to tickle!  And will ask for more!