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April 10, 2011

on April 10, 2011

High Five!!

We survived the weekend.   Saturday, much like Friday evening, was just shy of a dream.   Sunday was also good, that is, until bed time.

Saturday, Teagan slept late.  Yay.  Always a good thing.  LOL.  We had a nice long breakfast and then play session where Teagan brought me stuffed animal after stuffed animal.  Baby doll, book.  There was a pile of toys by my chair blocking my escape. As her energy started ramping up, Stu took her out mid-morning for a swing.  She loves swinging.  I stayed in and nursed Ashlin.  She came in tired, so we had a snack and put her down for a nap.  She didn’t nap very well.

Lunch time, in her booster at the table, and Teagan loved it.  Afterwards, Stu took her to a few stores, to give me a bit of a break, and to burn off some of her energy, she loves going to stores and saying “hi!” to everyone.  Miss T had a full blown tantrum between stores, she thought they were going home and freaked. Threw her sippy cup, which bounced off the side of her car seat, so she kicked it.  Crying.  Stu said it was kinda funny, she was so over the top with the reaction, and as soon as they were at a new store, she was all giggles and smiles again.

Before dinner we went for a walk with both kiddos – using the new double stroller!  Ashlin slept the entire walk, Teagan was in her glory, loving her cup holder and snack tray.  She’s never been in a stroller with a cup holder and snack tray.

Dinner went well, as well, as did bedtime.  She needed to be re-blanketed once, re-bubbled once, but went to sleep quickly.

Sunday, almost a repeat of Saturday, no shopping trip, but a walk around the block instead.  Dinner and then a bath.  Yay!  Bath!  She didn’t cry when Stu washed and rinsed her hair.  Joy!

Bedtime was another story.  Stu read books with her and put her in her crib, as usual.  She cried almost immediately, re-blanket, re-bubble.  Re-blanket, again.  Then the works started.  She became inconsolable.  Did not matter who went in to her.  She had too many blankets, not enough blankets.  No bubbles, was dirty, was wet.  Was hungry.  Crying between trips up the stairs to see if we could get her to calm down.  Nothing worked.  She would stop if she heard the stairs, or a footfall in the hallway outside her door.  Then would start up again once the door opened.  She’d stop for a minute, then start up again once she heard steps going away from her room.  She’s never been so difficult to get to bed.  I think it took her over an hour – with several visits from both of us – to finally get to sleep.

I want to go in to make sure she’s got a blanket on her and is ok, but I’m worried that she’ll wake up.

I know she was playing us, but it doesn’t make it feel any better.

Ashlin slept through the entire thing.


One response to “April 10, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Kat wrote: “Playing you … yep, that would be it. However, I understand the concern. You’ll get it figured out enough for her to see that she is still important and it’s not ALL about the new baby….trust me, it’ll come. :-)”


    Kat: We thought she was. It was quite apparent. Over the next few days, she got better about going to bed and bed time. Tonight, not even a peep! Yay!

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