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April 8, 2011

on April 8, 2011

This morning Teagan woke us up by running into our room and going “baby!  Shhhhh!  Hi baby!  Sleep.  Bubble!”  LOL.  She was cute.  She went to LaLa and left us half dozing.  Off to day care she went.

The rest of the morning was pretty calm.  Ashlin was mellow, I got some coffee and put my feet up.  There was a hint of ankles before the day started, so I’m not too concerned.  The end is in sight.

Mom and dad went to pick up the glider.  Stu worked from the dining room.  I played with the baby and watched her sleep.  She slept very well last night – she went 5 hours without stirring.  I totally felt that this morning though.  LOL!

The glider had a broken part, so dad only put the ottoman together before he and mom left.  I’ll get a replacement part mailed early next week..

Once mom and dad left for their home, the house seemed too quiet.  I guess I had gotten used to them being around.  I know I’ll miss them – they were so helpful, even when they thought they were doing nothing.  Mom made sure I was fed and had water to drink.  She found me time to put my feet up.  Made sure I walked a bit – at Target, Babies R Us, BJ’s…  LOL.

The rest of the afternoon went well with just the three of us in the house.  Stu went to get Teagan.  Dinner with her went very well.  I tucked Ashlin in the pack n play while we started dinner.  Teagan ended up eating a ton of left-over manicotti and strawberries.  She asked for two, three, no two cookies.  LOL.  I gave her a small handfull of animal crackers.

Ashlin started to stir just about the end of dinner.  Teagan did the “ssshhhh” thing with her finger and said “no crying.”  I asked her if she wanted me to get her sister to see if we could quiet her.  Yes.  She wanted to see her sister.  Teagan watched as I got the baby, then noticed that Ashlin needed a change.  We asked Stu to change the stinky diaper.  Pewwww.  Stinky!  Teagan laughed.

As Teagan finshed the last of her cookies, we told her it was bedtime.  Ok, no protest.  I asked for a kiss goodnight while I was downstairs, as now it was time for mama to feed the baby.  She gave me a nice, long, slobbery kiss.  She gave her sister a kiss as well.  A very sweet kiss.

The day ended well.  I’m just about ready to sleep, like a sweet baby I know…


5 responses to “April 8, 2011

  1. Kate says:

    Yayyyy! Sounds like you are doing great. Your adorable stories make me think I could almost do a second. Almost. If I had a Teagan instead of a tantrum-prone lil boy.

    Speaking of, this morning he started saying “Tee-gunn, Tee-gun pleas!” out of the blue so I think he’s ready for a visit! Wish I could have offered to help out Sat but my fam will be in town. But soon, when you are ready, we’d love to meet Ashlin & visit w you all!

    • lisasff says:

      Yay! We’re surviving ok so far! It could all go south at the drop of a hat or plate, so I’ll celebrate the small wins we have now :)

      I think once your little ball of fire gets just a bit older, it may be a different story. And, Teagan had a full out tantrum today between stores, according to Stu. LOL. Maybe he started early, and she’s starting late?

      We totally need to get together soon! I should have a bit more freedom after next week’s post-op appointment! Woo woo!!

  2. Barbara Rutkowski (ff) says:

    Lisa that was a beautiful post. As I read I started to picture what it might be like here in our house in a couple of months. I love to read about your every-day goings on with new baby. :)

    • lisasff says:

      Barb, Thank you! It is a bit of balancing – and last night and today really has been the first we’ve done on our own. Dinner went very well, with a sweet kiss at the end. Today’s been good too, though Stu has taken T out and kept her pretty busy.

      I was able to entertain her for almost an hour this morning in her high chair after breakfast. That helped too.

      I think it helps that Teagan is pretty easy going and Ashlin seems like she could be, but she’s too young to be anything but right now. LOL

      This could all come crashing down once nap time is over.

  3. lisasff says:

    Kat commented on your post.

    Kat wrote: “Seee……you’ll be fine. Loved this post.”


    Aw. Thank you. Both babies are napping now, so I have a minute. I’m very grateful that Teagan will still take two naps for us on the weekends. The break is both welcome and refreshing. We’ve done pretty well so far, Stu has taken T out shopping and swinging, I’ve stayed in with A… We’re going for a walk around the block later. Woo woo!! Big excitement.

    But, we seem to be surviving the day. Whew!

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