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April 6, 2011 ~ No Dying!

on April 6, 2011

Tonight for dinner, we all sat down at the table together for some lovely tortilla española (yay mom!).  We’ve been putting Teagan in a booster at the table instead of her high chair.  Ashlin was in her bucket seat on the table.  Mom and dad on one side, Stu and I on the other.  Ashlin started to fuss and Teagan said to her “no dying!  Baby, no dying!”  Shaking her finger as she said it.  Almost got the c pronounced, but it really sounded like dying.  Very appropriate, and very funny.


2 responses to “April 6, 2011 ~ No Dying!

  1. lisasff says:

    Kat wrote: “Another entry for the T&A Stories!! Love it.”


    And there’s the category and tag! Thanks Kat!!

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