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April 4, 2011

on April 4, 2011

Oh. My. God.  The swelling.  I don’t remember the swelling being this bad with Teagan.  I was GBS positive, so needed an IV and antibiotics with her.  (Let’s not talk about the pitocin).

My feet and ankles have been swollen since I got home three days ago.  They weren’t that bad in the hospital, just a little puffy.  I’m not sure what happened to make them inflate to gigantic proportions.  Does walking out the hospital door trigger something?

They look worse than Fred Flintstone feet.  I’ve been drinking insane amounts of water, keeping them up, walking a bit.  It feels like it’s only getting worse, not better.  I know that I got a lot of IV fluid (4 units blood, 2 units plasma, 1000 units ringers), but this is now ridiculous.

And they HURT.

How much longer until my body decides it doesn’t want all this fluid?  I’d like to fit into shoes again.  Today’s trip to Babies R Us was uncomfortable.  Taking off the shoes was sheer relief.

Done.  All dun!

Then I look at Ashlin, and it was worth it.


8 responses to “April 4, 2011

  1. Kris A says:

    What were you doing walking around babies r us? Are you getting much sleep? How is Teagan handling all of this?

    • lisasff says:

      It was raining. I’m supposed to walk. I figured one store between feedings would be ok. Sorry Mom!! LOL!

      Teagan’s doing pretty good with having a little sister, actually. She’s not so good at petting “gentle,” but then again, she isn’t so good at petting the cat “gentle” yet either. I’m not sure I’m worried about the fact that she said her little sister’s name was ‘Poop.” It could be due to the fact that last night she saw us changing Ashlin’s diaper, which was indeed poopy. LOL.

  2. Kris A says:

    HAve you called the dr. to see if this is normal?

    • lisasff says:

      The doctors did say that there would be a lot of swelling, due to all the bags of fluid I got. If it’s not gone by tomorrow I will call and let them know. I’ve been doing what they told me to do to get it to go down – drink lots of water, walk…

  3. lisasff says:

    Amanda commented on your post.

    Amanda wrote: “I had Fred Flintstone feet for several days after my c-section. It hurt and they were HUGE, but it did go away after a few days.”

    Still big and swollen. Though I can tell there’s a difference in how my legs feel. Even in the hospital they felt “tight”, now they don’t feel quite so full and tight. I think the end is in sight!

  4. lisasff says:

    Suzanne commented on your post.

    Suzanne wrote: “I hope you feel better soon I was very swollen after my last c section was happy I brought some oversized flip flops with me to the hospital or I would have been barefoot!”

    Suzanne, I took your advise for the flip flops! Totally helped get around. I am hoping that I wake up tomorrow and the swelling is gone. It will be 10 days tomorrow, 9 days post op…

  5. lisasff says:

    Kathy commented on your post.

    Kat wrote: “Ouch….hope it gets better SOON!! If not, call that dr. :-)”

    Thanks Kat! Swelling is slightly better, but still hanging around. My legs do feel different, so I’m hoping that tomorrow brings the change. If not, then I’ll be calling the doc by noon.

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