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April 1, 2011

on April 1, 2011
Green Eyes

Green Eyes?

No April Fool’s here. We don’t need  any practical jokes.  Thank you very much.

I am almost out, almost home.  Still have one more day, and although each day is better, I don’t feel ready yet.  I have dropped my pain killers down to half a dose, but I am still taking them regularly.  It still hurts to get up.  Don’t get me started on laughing – thank you sis and Stu!

Today was a good day, actually!  Even with the horrible weather outside, Ashlin and I snuggled up and nursed and just got to hang out.  Once the steady stream of people ended, that is.  The people parade started around 5am – vital check, then 6am – incision check by the resident, then the nurse to give me Ashlin to nurse, then some drugs for me and another wound/belly check.  Shift change had the night PCA and nurse come to say good bye, and the new ones do their thing.  There was the Lactation consultant and the Birth Certificate lady.  Housekeeping.  Breakfast showed up after the pediatrician and my OB stopped by.   No one came while someone else was there, but I barely had time to go the bathroom and only started breakfast at 10am.

I had a bit of breathing room by then, and took advantage to go skin to skin with Ashlin.  She’s so snuggly!

While the pediatrician was here – today was the one I met with before transferring to the practice – she mentioned in passing that we would need to have to have an ultrasound done on Ashlin’s hips.  (I love how all this stuff is just casually mentioned, in passing, like they are no big deal.  Everything lately has sort of been a big deal.  I’d like to not have any more thank you).  Anyway, we need the scan because Ashlin was breech for as long as she was (even though she turned.  Twice).  The risk is for developmental hip dysplasia.  It will most likely be nothing, but it’s something that they check for every breech and transverse baby.  The Pediatrician said that her colleagues hadn’t noticed anything to be concerned about, nor did she.  I asked if the click I hear every now and then when I change Ashlin’s diaper is a symptom.  She can’t confirm nor deny, as she hasn’t heard the click,

I’m sure that everything will be ok.  If it wasn’t, the one of the pediatricians would have said something.  Given some warning.


PS.  All caught up!!  Woo woo!


2 responses to “April 1, 2011

  1. Jessie says:

    I sure hope it’s nothing with her hips.

    I love her name

    • lisasff says:

      Jessie: They don’t think they’ll find anything. It’s basically a standard practice here for babies that hit some of the issues – breech, female, blah blah blah. It’s precautionary. Even if they find something, they can correct most issues now, than if they wait. They may put her in a brace – similar to what I remember Amelia was in – for a little while and have no lasting issues.

      Thanks – it took us a bit to figure her name out, but we’re very happy. I think we found just the right name for her.

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