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April 28, 2011

O sleep! O gentle sleep!

O sleep! O gentle sleep!


She’s asleep!

Doh!  She’s awake again.  :(


Ok.  Whew!  She’s sleeping again.  She was awake almost all morning.  Starting at 4am.   I knew that 5 hour stretch she gave me the other night was too good to be true!

Peanut must be going through a growth spurt or something, to have only slept 4 hours in the past 8.  Argh!  I, however, was so tired I didn’t hear the alarm, nor do I remember waking up Stu.  He came in around 7:30 to wake me up for my shot, and then watch the Piglet eat breakfast so he could shower and get ready for work.

She wasn’t quite this awake yesterday, though it is a near call.  I’m really amazed that she can be up from 4 to almost 6am, then again around 8am until almost 11am.  At one month old, she should still be sleeping a lot.  I need her to sleep.

Coffee is good.  Naps are heaven.

The rest of the afternoon was ok, she slept a bit, not too much!  Gotta love that.  But do hope that she’ll sleep more at night.

But scenes like this are lovely:


Sweet Dreams!


April 27, 2011

Potty Time

Potty Time

Wow.  It’s Wednesday.  Already!  It almost feels like whole days are going missing.  Ok, maybe not missing, but they are flying by in a sleepy haze.  It was the weekend just yesterday.  Oh well.

So, Saturday we tried our first potty training attempt.  Teagan had found (I hadn’t put away) the potty chair and step stool, and was eager to try them out.  So, we did.  She kept going from sitting on the chair to standing on the stool.  And back again.

After about 30 minutes of her sitting and standing and then sitting and standing again, we decided we had to get her to sit still.  How could she ever go if she kept going?  LOL!  So, we ended up slowing her down by offering to read books.  LaLa sat with her first while I went to help Pop-Pop with the crib, that was still in the garage.

Big Girl!

Big Girl!

Books did slow her down, but not quite enough.  Teagan did pee.  Unfortunately, she must have been so surprised that she was going that she got up peed on the floor and slipped.  LaLa wasn’t sure how she got up, she must have looked away at that moment or looked down at the book.

Teagan started to cry.  We gave her lots and lots of praise about actually going.  I think we were able to make her feel better.  I sat with her for a while after that, and she stayed on the seat, reading with me.

She fell in love with the training pants – not plastic pants, but actual training pants.  We had to tell her that she needed to pull them up and couldn’t walk around with them around her ankles.  Tee hee hee!  She ended up napping in them.  She didn’t wake up dry, but that’s ok too.  We’ll try again.



Sunday was Easter, and we did a mini-egg hunt.  Teagan had a blast!!  LaLa had filled the eggs with raisins.  The piglet was so excited by the raisins in the eggs she would stop after she found one, open it and eat the raisins before going to look for the next one.  LOL!  Eventually we got her to find more than one before stopping to eat the yum yum.

She ate everything – asparagus, london broil, roasted potatoes, spinach and strawberry salad.  She even got cake for dessert.  Special Hop Hop cake made by LaLa!  Yay!

PS.  The baby blues aren’t completely gone,  the Keane  songSomewhere Only We Know“/Welcome back/Goodbye Kurt scene in glee got me all teary today.


April 24, 2011


Bath time! We gave Ashlin a real bath. Finally.  Her first bath.  Well, out of the hospital and not including sponge baths.  She did great though I forgot how slippery newborns are!  LOL!  She kept sliding down the infant-support while I soaped her up.

 She seemed to enjoy it when I shampooed her hair.  She did not appreciate it much at all when I rinsed the soap out.  Her sister isn’t a fan of that either.

I need to see if it’s easier to bathe her in the kitchen sink, it would be better on my back, for one thing.  I think our support will work there.  And she’s not grabbing at things yet, so we don’t need to clear the counter and the window sill off.  For now.  Once she can sit up it will be a different story.  LOL!

Anyway, her hair smelled fantastic afterwards.

Her eyes seem more blue now than green.  Weird.  I hope we didn’t wash the green out of them!

PS.  Her complexion is not as fair as her sisters!


April 22, 2011

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Yesterday, I tried to write a post .  I failed.  I did little more than upload the picture I wanted to use.  A picture of Teagan.  My big girl.

She looks so much bigger, is acting so much older than just even last week.  A blink of an eye ago.  I know that some if it is due to Ashlin being here, and being so small compared to Teagan.  And Ashlin’s not really that small, though she’s not a big baby either.

Teagan’s been using much more complex sentences, thoughts, than she was before.  She’s gone from “Titi’s milk” to “my milk” in what seems like days.  She does still refer to herself as the baby, but she also refers to Ashlin as her baby sister.  Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  It seems as if shes picking up something like five new words every day.  Her pronunciation is also improving.  If you ask her to watch you say a word, she can almost imitate it.  She still has issues with s’s and with th’s.  It’s so cute that she’s still saying “beeze” and “tank tou.”  She’ll even sing the Yo Gabba Gabba song.  Sometimes she will change the words to “Mama, Dada.”  Sometimes it’s mommy and not mama.  It’s still very cute.

She loves singing, laughing, trying to make us laugh.  She will ask you to eat her feet every morning and every evening.  It’s never an old joke.  It’s her job to turn out the lights at bedtime, and god forbid you do it for her.  She doesn’t cry anymore (mostly!) when you brush or comb her hair.  More mornings than not, she will demand you put a pony tail in her hair.

For you!

For you!

She loves going for walks, though she doesn’t like walking.  She much prefers to be pushed, but I think it’s because of the snack tray.  LOL.

She whispers “thank you,” but will shout “Love you!”  If you use the sign “I love you,” she will whisper it back, until she shouts.  Although she can’t get her fingers in the right formation, she will hold her hand up, palm to you as her way of signing it.  She gives spontaneous hugs, even to her sister.  She will also tell her sister to “be quiet,” and “no crying!”  Shhhhh.  She even told her sister that she loves her.  Without any prompting.  She will share her food and share her toys.  Usually.  Sometimes she needs reminding to play nice, but she generally does without the reminder.

She loves hats and her hop-hop shoes (bunny slippers).  She will almost always wake up in the morning with a rats nest for hair, but also a song.  I like listening to her sing in her crib while drinking coffee, hoping that she goes on and doesn’t start to cry.

She has had a few tantrums, especially if you forget her bubble in the car, but generally she’s a very happy girl.  She’s terribly fun to tickle!  And will ask for more!


April 20, 2011

Today I scanned in a bunch of art that Teagan did at day care.  Finally.  There were some technical difficulties where the laptop I use wasn’t recognized by the scanner, the soft ware didn’t install on it, blah blah blah.

I’ll probably keep a few pieces, but with an electronic version, I can get rid of some of the others…

She’s a budding artist!


April 19, 2011 ~ 21 days

Ashlin was born 21 days ago. Three weeks. Amazing how quickly time has passed. I cant believe she’s three weeks old already.

She’s mostly a sweet, well behaved baby.  She has lungs and doesn’t hesitate to use them when she’s unhappy about something – hungry, dirty, gassy.  We’ve been putting her to sleep at night in her pappasan lamb, the one that Teagan loved so much.  For some reason she’s not a big fan of lying completely flat.  It could be gas, she’s much harder to burp than her sister was.  Teagan used to rattle windows.  Maybe we need to wait another week for Ashlin to follow in her sister’s footsteps.  Maybe the ginormous burps start at four weeks.  LOL!

She also doesn’t seem to like being swaddled, though I do try at least part of the time she’s sleeping.  Her days and nights are mostly straightened out, thankfully.  Eating schedule is pretty solid 3-3.5 hours, with a little cluster feeding between 7-11pm.  Not too bad.

So far, she hasn’t protested too much about being dragged out.  She went to Babies R Us, Target, BJ’s, Stop & Shop, all before she was a week old.  She’s been on walks in the rain, to an orchard on a chilly and windy day.  Blustery Day!

All in all, she’s following in her sister’s footsteps.  We just may keep her.  LOL!

Cute toes

Cute toes


April 19, 2011 ~ Floating Eggs

Floating Easter Eggs

One of the things I was able to get accomplished last week was to make Easter Eggs for Teagan’s mobile.  I got this clip mobile, around Thanksgiving, to hang off the hook that Teagan had over her dresser.  Since then I’ve been making seasonal decorations to hang off the hooks.  I’ve done leaves, Christmas decorations, hearts, Shamrocks, and now Easter Eggs.

Teagan is always excited when I change out the decorations. I do it when she’s out, so it’s always a surprise.  I took advantage of Ashlin sleeping last Monday to do the eggs, as well as some flowers for after Easter.  Shame I didn’t go hunting for a rabbit.  She would have loved a hop-hop in there.

Eh, it’s not too late…


April 19, 2011

new hat!

Given Teagan’s fascination, er, obsession with hats, I wanted to get her something a bit more seasonal than the wool hats she’s been wearing to and from day care.  The lovely pill box hat and the four tassel hat are just a bit too warm now.  So, I was supposed to look for a new one for her at Babies R Us yesterday.  I forgot.

I also forgot my wallet. *

Thankfully, we have a bunch of hand me down hats.  She fell in love with this one last night.  It’s a little small, the strap doesn’t close well.  But it will work for day care.  For now.

My trip to BRU was for a potty chair.  Sunday, Teagan seemed like she wanted to try using the toilet.  It could have been a projection of a parent that would like to only have one child in diapers.  She’s been very aware of poop and pee, she’s been talking about it for months now.  Up until Sunday, though, she hasn’t seemed like she’s had the desire to actually start potty training.

We now own a potty chair, a ring and a few pairs of training pants.

I forgot the hat.


* I guess I’m a bit more tired and forgetful than I thought.  I didn’t get to nap yesterday.  I had been impressed with myself, for all I was able to accomplish before I left the house.  It turns out, I was a bit cocky.  LOL!  Thankfully, the cashier was extra nice, voided out my transaction and put everything off to the side.  She said I was the second person in 30 minutes to have forgotten their wallet.  Turns out I had left my wallet in the other, bigger diaper bag.


April 18, 2011 ~ Bumble Bee!

7757 – 041311 – Bumblebee Song

Teagan loves the song “Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee.” This is one of her various renditions.  Please excuse the filthy hat, we went out for our evening walk before I could take it from her. Not sure that I would have succeeded that night, she’s very attached to the hat. LOL.

We’ve been walking every night, taking the double stroller.  I try to remember my camera.  Teagan asks to go for a walk as they leave day care.  It’s the topic of discussion in the car.  No more “how was your day, Teagan?”  Now it’s all walk!  Now, beeze, walk!

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April 18, 2011

Petting a Hop Hop!We survived another weekend of two kids, with most of our sanity.  Most of it.  Yay!

Saturday was the first time we went out – all four of us.  Out of the house.  Together.  We’ve done trips with one, but one child isn’t too bad.  Either of them.  We’ve done that before.  Two adults and two kids, well, that’s new and challenging!

The first trip out, we ended up leaving 40 minutes later than we wanted, ended up being late.  Oh well.  It is still a victory.

We were supposed to meet up with friends at a local orchard for an Easter apple hunt.  We missed the apple hunt time for Teagan.  Oops!!  But we still were able to do the bunny petting and the horse and carriage ride.

As you can see, Teagan had a great time petting hop-hops and riding the on the wagon, even if she thought the horses were huge.  Ashlin however, was not impressed.  LOL!

We did end up meeting up with some of the friends, and went to lunch.  Teagan had a great time with her friend – I have to get a copy of the picture of the two of them holding hands.

The kids sang, shared menus, and generally were good, happy, and loud, kids.  We totally need to hang out with them more often!

Teagan was so tired after all that excitement that she totally crashed.  We went home to give her the opportunity to nap.  She napped well.  LOL!

We had to go out again to get our taxes finalized.  We had tried to get them finished before the baby was due, but I forgot two important forms.  We tried to e-mail them, but it didn’t work.  We were finally able to fax them (well, my dad did for us) once I got back from the hospital.  Teagan was still napping when we had to leave, so we had to wake her up.  This time, we were 10 minutes late.  Yay us!!

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