What to muse about today?

March 24, 2011

So, it’s scheduled.  Tuesday will be the day.  She’ll be  here in five days.  Holy crap.  Five days!

If there is an opening later in the week, we may push it back, but the chances of that are pretty slim.  Later would be better.  Any day she’s inside is better.

My parents are coming in to help take care of Teagan, take care of me.  Sister will also be here.  Couldn’t keep any of them away…  they’re all eager to meet this new one.

This new one that we aren’t quite ready for.  None of the clothes are washed.  The car seat is in pieces.  But they are clean pieces.  LOL!  We haven’t put any of the furniture together that we got for her.  It seems we may have procrastinated just a little too much :)

It all will get done, in time.  There’s still no rush.  LOL.  We could put this new little one to sleep in a laundry basket (though we do have a pack n play with her name on it ~ not that we know her name).

I have the amnio and pre-surgery screening on Monday.  I’ll be going alone, they did say that I can drive myself there and back.  I guess they aren’t quite as worried about leaking and stuff as they are at the “normal” time.  I get to sit with a monitor for 30 minutes before and then an hour or so after the procedure.  Then off to the hospital for the pre-surgery stuff.

I will be asking the MFM if it’s ok to have one final adjustment before the surgery.  If they’re letting me drive, they might allow a chiropractic adjustment.  The doctor is in the office with the lovely table that does so well for me.  I’d like one last session there.  (I am at least going there tomorrow!)

The Chiro said that my back should be better pretty quickly after giving birth.  The hip will still be out of wack, but it won’t be quite as painful.  I can get adjusted postpartum and it should be less stubborn then.