What to muse about today?

March 23, 2011

Since I have no choice and am medically required to have a c-section, I started the paperwork yesterday.  Just the act of scheduling a c-section makes it an elective procedure.  Don’t get me started on that.  It makes me very pissed off.

So, the High Risk OB’s recommend the section before 37w5d, but that would be Thursday, March 30.  The way both my and Stu’s work scheduled are next week, Friday works out better – 37w6d – April 1st.  That’s what I asked my OB to set up.  He said it shouldn’t be a problem.  Cool.  This kid that’s been torturing me the past few months can have her birthday on April Fool’s Day.  LOL!

Anyway, paperwork can’t really get finished until today.  So, I call mid-morning to see how every thing is going.  The scheduler said that 4/1 is all booked, so the next possible day would be 4/11.  She said the OB I saw last night was in surgery all day, so she was going to ask him tomorrow.  I said that MFM – High Risk – recommended by 37.5, so 4/11 would be later than they wanted.  She cant’ do anything without one of her OB’s confirming it.  I suggest she call one of the other OB’s – my “bad news” doc, or the one that delivered Teagan, or the one I usually see for my annuals. 

She eventually ends up getting the “bad news” doctor, who said that 4/11 is too late, so the only other option may be Tuesday 3/29.  It can’t be Monday, as I need to have the amnio before hand to check lung maturity.  Well, Tuesday is not a good day for either Stu nor myself.  Like we can even be picky.  Like we have any control over stuff like this.

Bottom line, she never called back to tell me what day/time I will end up getting cut open and having this little girl.  So, I have no idea what’s happening.  I need to call back tomorrow.