What to muse about today?

March 16, 2011

So, the Chiro thinks I’m right… the baby has turned.  She’s not in a good position, she really can’t be with the torsion that hasn’t released yet.  She’s sort of lying at a 45° angle.  But at least she’s head down and trying to get in the right position.  Encouraging.  Just need to pop that hip and get the placenta to move!

So, another trip to the Chiro, with little joy.  My hip is being very stubborn.  I had to stop the session at least twice, because the stabby pain was just too intense.  He’s going to have me come to a different office, where he as a drop away table.  He thinks this will be better to adjust me on, than the cut out pillows.  We’ll see.  Right now, I just want the pain to stop.  Sleep would be nice too.

I did get a bit more sleep last night though, which was nice.  Maybe it was the mix of a bit of beer, (yeah, I had some beer), some benedryl and tylenol.  And 4-5 nights in a row of no more than 1 hour of sleep followed by 40 minutes of stretching, tossing and turning on the sofa.

I can’t sleep on my left side (the twisted hip), nor on my back (inclined, of course, flat is out of the question now).  The recliner that was such a lovely thing with Teagan has become a cushioned Judas Chair.  I have this small window of slight comfort on my right side, that I can’t seem to find in bed.  The sofa seems to be the only place I get any sleep.

I want to get as much sleep now as I can.  It’s going to be in short supply soon enough.