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March 8, 2011

on March 8, 2011
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It seems that I have a rotated sacrum.  Off center.  Twisted.  I went to the chiropractor today, to see if he could help with my lower back pain, and to see if there was anything to help turn the baby.  Many of the sites I’ve been reading about turning breech babies mention one reason for the upside down baby is due to a misalignment of the hips/pubic bones/uterus.  Also, my insurance covers it :)

Turns out, the guy the midwife suggested had an opening this afternoon.  It was a long visit, he was a bit chatty, which was just fine.  I’ve never been to a chiropractor before.  He was gentle.  Explained everything he did while assessing things.  So, thanks to the second pregnancy and all the lovely relaxin, I have a bit of SPD, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.  So, uterus is a bit off kilter, and the baby doesn’t have enough room to be happy turned.  Ok.  goes along with what I’ve read.

It’s my left side.  Which makes sense, that’s where most of the pain is.  To find this out, the Chiropractor pushed down on my hip and raised my leg.  Left would go up about 40°, right leg around 65°.  It was amazing the difference in range of motion.

After a long assessment and discussion of issues and potential problems (Yay placenta!  You gotta love talking about your placenta with a complete stranger,) he said he was going to start doing the adjustments.  Basically popping my hip into place.  He had me lie on my right side, lower leg straight, upper bent.  Arms sort of crossed, but not quite.  He then tried to twist my left hip back while holding my shoulder straight.  It wouldn’t crack.  He tried three times, I think.  Then we went to the other side.  Small neck adjustment, left side needed some help, right side cracked three times almost on its own.

After getting home, I could feel my hips move – was I just more aware? – as I walked.  Almost a grinding feeling.  But my back felt a little bit better.  And a little bit better is good.

I have another appointment Thursday.


7 responses to “March 8, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Colleen commented on your post.

    Colleen wrote: “Wow.. I remember having to go to physical therapy after Miss Macy was born as my hips were way off.. pretty normal of the pregnant/child bearing Mom.. you are very adventurous this late in your pregnancy to go to a Chiro.. good for you.. I hope the baby turns.. and that the low back pain subsides.. I am sure it all is a chain reaction.. only about a month left right?? Keep up the good work.. you are trooper that is for sure..”

    I guess it is a bit late – 34 days today according to the ticker! – but I didn’t really think I needed it before. I was just so tired of the back pain, the difficulty walking, that at the midwife appointment yesterday I must have really complained about it. She suggested going to this guy, as he does a lot of work on preggo women. I may not have gone, and just continued to suck it up, if I hadn’t read about breech being possibly linked with maladjustments, stuff that Chiro’s can help fix.

    What’s nice, is he didn’t tell me I went too late to do anything, he did say if I had waited another 2 weeks or so, the chances of his adjustments helping to turn her would be very slim. So, a bit encouraging.

  2. lisasff says:

    Megan commented on your post.

    Megan wrote: “I hope he can help-If you’ve never been or haven’t been in awhile you will need several appointments but each time it should get a bit better. It’s always amazing to me when they fix a range of motion issue. I started going to a chiro a few weeks ago for my tailbone and I am no longer nearly in tears when I stand up or sit down! I still hurt if I sit on a hard chair for a long time but no where near the pain I had-it’s getting better-I hope you find some relief too!”


    Megan, it was my first time ever. I have been to several “chair” massages, so, a new experience for me. He did say I would need to go 3 times a week for the next two weeks. That normally it’s once or twice a week – for a pregnant lady. I don’t feel awesome, but I do think I feel just a little bit better. And that’s good. Worth going back to give it a chance.

    • lisasff says:

      Megan wrote: “I can definitely say that if I haven’t been in awhile I might feel kind of “eh” the day I had the work done but the next day I feel loads better. You might notice a bigger difference tomorrow.”

      Meg, I can totally see that. I didn’t feel wonderful as I left. Actually felt a bit stiff and uncomfortable driving, but by the time I got home – about 15 minutes later – is when I was hyper-aware of walking, how my hips moved. Now, about 6 hours later, I’m feeling a bit achy, but my lower back isn’t bothering me, and I seem to be contracting a bit less, go figure.

  3. lisasff says:

    Nina commented on your post.

    Nina wrote: “Wow, I had SI joint problems too with the last one and she was breech.I had no idea it was related.Man, that was a miserable time;toward the end of my pregnancy I couldnt get comfy at all and then my feet started getting numb so I couldn’t drive anymore. It took about a year to totally recover.Now we know why our mothers said we owed them for carrying us for 9 months!! I sure hope this helps and u get to have a nice peaceful labor and birth.”


    Yeah, the SI stuff can lead to breech presentation. The Chiro talked about how it’s been proven to reduce labor times by x% (I can’t remember now). I joked with him that labor was the goal. LOL!

    And yeah, these kids totally owe us. Especially those after the first. LOL!

  4. lisasff says:

    Saundra commented on your post.

    Saundra wrote: “wow!!”


    Saundra: Crazy, isn’t it?

    Have you gone for your broken tailbone? I know it’s been a few years now, but if it’s helping Meg, it could still help.

    • lisasff says:

      Saundra wrote: “I had a lot of success as long as I was going regularly. but, insurance stopped paying for it :( I still have a lot of pain but am managing. I 100% rec chiro treatments though , , , it solved my sciatica when pregnant”

      Saundra, that totally sucks! Insurance is such a PITA at times. Literally! I’m going to hold out a final judgement until I’ve gone a few times, but intial impression is that it could be very helpful!

  5. lisasff says:

    David commented on your post.

    David wrote: “Lisa have no fear. I have a seen a great number of women with child. Many up to the day before delivery. So of my patients have attributed having more children due to the relief I was able to deliver them during their pregnancy. I had a chiro who worked for me who was able to turn number of breech babies. Chiropractic has been shown to be very safe with expectant mothers. Some of the research even suggests that women who see a chiropractor during there pregnancy have considerably shorter delivery times. Make sure you follow-up after the delivery so he can get your pelvis balanced before it becomes a chronic condition.”


    Dave, completely forgot you were a chiro! Imagine the things that bring you out of the woodwork. LOL! One of the questions this chiro asked was if I was scared or nervous. I really don’t think I am, or was. Most of the feedback I’ve been given about adjustments has been good. So, I was a bit “anxious” about it, I guess, as it is unknown territory… But it wasn’t bad at all. He was quite gentle, if you could say that about being poked and prodded. LOL.

    Thanks for the suggestion of going after delivery. I wouldn’t have thought about it. I didn’t have any real issues after Teagan’s delivery, but this pregnancy seems to have been harder all around than hers was.

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