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March 7, 2011

yumm... apple
mmmm… apple slices

This morning the midwife confirmed what I thought.  The baby has not turned.  Yet.  She’s turning into one stubborn pre-escapee. 

I had told Stu yesterday, that I didn’t think she had turned.  He had a word or two with her.  She may be one of the first babies to come into this world grounded.
Anyway, I have another appointment in two weeks, to see if she’s still turned the wrong way.  I’m not even worrying about posterior occiput, whatever.  Yet.  We need to turn her around!  There is still time, so I’m not really panicking.  Yet.
She also suggested seeing a chiropractor to see if 1.  he could help my back pain and 2.  help turn her if the “exercises” don’t.
My back has been painful this time.  Almost like back labor, but it doesn’t always come in waves.  Today, I woke up hurting.  And it’s not like I can lie on a board or the floor to make it feel better.  Or lie on my stomach to get a massage – Stu has offered.  After today, if our insurance will cover it, I will go.  Anything that makes my back feel better and easier to walk.  He also does moxibustion.  But we don’t need to think about that, yet.  There’s still time to turn her :)
So, my next midwife appointment is two days after the High-Risk visit, where they’ll check placenta, growth and confirm position.  So, in two weeks we’ll know what needs to be done, and how. 
If the placenta  hasn’t moved, it’s a c-section for me.  I was really hoping (still am!!) for another vaginal birth.  After the hours of contractions, back labor, it really felt good to push.  I’ll miss that, and then have a much more difficult recovery.  Anyway.  It’s not really in my hands.  We can get this baby to turn, even if we need to do a Version.
Unless there’s a complication or reason, they will schedule a c-section at 39 weeks.  I’m not sure if that means when I’ve started 39 weeks or have completed 39 weeks.  The way I feel now, I’d like a St. Paddy’s baby.  LOL!