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March 4, 2011 ~ Got Snot?

So, Teagan didn’t have a good night last night.  She was up every 40 minutes or so, asking for her blankets to be put back on, asking for another pacifier, asking for her nose to be cleaned, just asking for something so as not to be asleep.

It was a rough night for all of us.

When she got up, she was a bit snotty.  Not bad.  No fever.  We get her changed and fed and off she goes to day care.

At the bottom of the hill, Stu had to stop the car.  He said she was screaming “mess!  Mess!”  He got out and wiped her nose, pacifier, hands, face.  There was snot everywhere!

It is kinda funny that she doesn’t like being messy.  I was sure day care was going to call to have her picked up, if there was that much snot in 3 minutes.  Thankfully, they didn’t call.


3/5 – Another post written  (mostly) yesterday and I fell asleep before hitting publish.  Oh, well!

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