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February 24, 2011

on February 24, 2011
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Yesterday was not a good day.  Although I got to work from home, I felt icky all day…  Contractions and Braxton Hicks felt almost non-stop.  For giggles I timed them, at worst they were every 3-4 minutes.  Nothing to really be worried about – I could breathe through them – but uncomfortable.

Today, at the midwife visit, she confirmed that as long as I can breathe through them, there’s really nothing to worry about.  They know that they’re not progressing anything.   Just annoying and uncomfortable.    She also confirmed that the baby is still breech, joked about how this kid just spins around willy-nilly.  Her head is on the left now, feet to the right.  SHe had one hand up by her head, but still butt down.  One good thing.  I could start doing the “exercises” again, because I want to get her turned before she runs out of room and any extra space she’s playing around in is gone.

I asked what they would do if the placenta didn’t move far enough for the High-Risk doctors.  She said that since I’d prefer to avoid a c-section they would evaluate it, but that I needed to be aware of the risks.  They wouldn’t let me go if it stays marginal or even low-lying.  She said they may allow if it moved “far enough.”  That’s good enough for now.

Also, I asked if they would allow me to delivery vaginally if the placenta resolved but she stayed breech (not footling, I know they won’t do that).  She said that she’d recommend an external version at 37 weeks and depending, they’d see.  She didn’t out and out rule it out though.

So, although we’d like to avoid a c-section, as time ticks down, it’s becoming more and more likely.  I’m a bit more anxious about having major surgery.  But I guess it’s known versus the unknown.

I go back in two weeks.  This won’t be for a “placenta check” but another midwife visit.  Placenta check will be in 4 weeks.  They’ll switch me over to heparin then too.


2 responses to “February 24, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Kat commented on your post.

    Kat wrote: ” not a pretty picture you paint with the illustration attached. :-) BUT, if the c-section is ‘safer’ for you and bump 2, then take a deep breath and go for it. And oh yeah, breathe, Lisa, breathe. Praying for a ‘move’ on the placenta and another spin for the little one. xxxooo”


    I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a non-gory picture of a c-section. I guess it needs to be just a little freaky, it is major surgery after all. I’m still hoping that we can avoid surgery, but if the placenta doesn’t move enough, we’ll do the best thing. That will most likely mean c-section.

    I’m not so concerned about position. Yet. I’ve started seeing if I can spin her. The midwife helped me figure out how to tell where her head is, so, I can keep track as I try to spin her…

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