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February 18, 2011

on February 18, 2011
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Most of today was spent on the sofa.  With my feet up.  Even sitting up (at a table) was uncomfortable.  The first of my “modified,” more relaxed days.  Impossible to completely slow down, but slower, can be done. 

Stu got Teagan up and dressed, as he very often does, and brought her downstairs.  I got my morning hug, on the sofa, and get up to put her in her chair.  Ouch.  Asked Stu to get her out when she was done.  Piglet had two pieces of string cheese for breakfast, with both dada and mama in attendance.  Dada was not allowed to have any.  LOL.  She’s been insisting on an audience, that one of us sit with her while she eats.  It’s usually me, as I feed her dinner, though sometimes I’ll give her her food, and go take care of something in the kitchen.  Now, she demands that one of us be there.

Stu takes her off to day care almost the second she’s done.  It’s a relief, in a way, as I can go and put my feet up on the sofa.  It feels horrible that I’m glad I don’t have to play with my baby…  but the bending, standing, dashing to save something from breaking is getting more and more difficult.  Painful at times.

It was nice being able to work from the sofa today.  I really only got up to get something to drink, eat (cereal! quick and easy!) and go to the bathroom.  That’s more than often than is fun.

Even with doing almost nothing, I could feel contractions that were every 4-12 minutes at first.  Yeah, there’s an app for that.   I didn’t get around to the Procardia pill until about 10am.  (I don’t like how the medication makes me feel.  Sort of light-headed and separate from my body.  I’ll need to mention this to the doctors on Monday).  As there was not much pain – I didn’t need to breathe through them – I chalked it up to a slightly active morning and a delayed pill.  I lay down for a bit during lunch, and this afternoon they were every 10-15 minutes apart.  Much better.  I still needed to lie down for a bit at the end of the afternoon.


Stu came home from day care with a funny story.  He drops Teagan in the young toddler room, there are already three other kids there – the little black kid who calls Stu dada, a new boy and a girl.  The boy comes up to Stu and says “hi dada!”  Teagan was in a very huggy mood this morning, and is giving his leg a big hug and kiss.  He tries to disentangle himself and get her to get involved in the room – breakfast, the play house, the ball pit – so he can leave.  He suggests she go say hi to the little black boy.  Teagan walks up to him – the boy – and lifts up her shirt.  Belly!  LOL! 

Maybe this means that I shouldn’t show her my belly – the baby – any more.  LOL.


4 responses to “February 18, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Colleen commented on your post.

    Colleen wrote: “your posts always get me to read.. this medication you are taking kind of scares me just a tad.. take good care of yourself.. and if you need to call your doc before Monday because it makes you feel separated.. do so.. I don’t like the sound of that.. Peace”

    Well, thank you. I’m glad I can get you to read a bit. Hopefully, it’s a good thing :D

    I wish I didn’t need to take the medication. I’m not sure if I like what it does, how it works, being an “off-lable” use, especially considering I’m on blood thinners too. (Lets dialate all the blood vessels along with making it harder to clot!) Especially with the Terbutiline being “strongly discouraged” for the “off-lable” use of slowing/stopping contractions. The biggest difference between Procardia and Terbutiline is that the Procardia is supposed to not affect your heart rate as much.

    The feeling I get for the first few hours after taking it, of being “separate” is sort of hard to explain. It’s not that I feel a completely different person, looking over at me, but that I’m a just a little bit distanced. Almost out of focus, sort of drunk, I guess.

    Two more days until I get to the doctor to be checked again. I’ll tell them I’m not happy with the drugs, see if there’s something else to take, if I still need to take anything. Three days isn’t so bad, if it’s slowing things down (it’s still way too early) and not hurting the baby. She’s still running a marathon, so that’s a good thing :)

    • lisasff says:

      Colleen commented on your post.

      Colleen wrote: “I actually know that separated feeling.. when I go through adrenal issues.. I have a VERY separated feeling.. disconnected from feel like a whole person.. that is a very funky feeling.. I get a little like I am jet lag too.. what is your due date again.. I know a few people that are pregnant.. and due all at different times.. 2/21 3/27 ad not sure where you are.. 4/15 right?? Wow.. brain working?? Take good care.. 2 more months.. Peace”

      Yeah, not fun. My arms feel super heavy too. Anyway, they said I could stop taking it today, which is a nice thing. I hate taking more medication than I need.

      And, yeah due 4/15 – tax day!

      • lisasff says:

        Colleen commented on your post.

        Colleen wrote: “Yeah.. good for you.. : )”

        Looking forward to tomorrow… no “distant” feeling with heavy arms :D

  2. lisasff says:

    Lynda commented on your post.

    Lynda wrote: “Thinking of you honey. Hang in there…. Love XOXO”


    Thanks hun! I’ve been looking for you at the office, but everytime I get to “escape” you’re not there… I don’t get to escape that often. LOL.

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