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February 15, 2011

Surprise!!! 4/365

Image by bensonkua via Flickr

I totally forgot that on Sunday Teagan went up to Stu and opened his fly.  LOL! 

In a way, I’m surprised that she hadn’t done this before now.  She comes up to me, lifts my shirt up and gives my belly kisses.  She’ll wave at the belly and say “hi baby!”  That’s very cute. 

Stu wasn’t paying attention, he must have been watching something on his laptop.  Teagan was wandering around the family room, half paying attention to the videos (Barley Mow? Lilly the Pink?More Irish Folk Music?).  His pyjama bottoms were slightly open.  Teagan walked up to him and opened them the rest of the way.  She had a curious look on her face.  I’m not sure she understood what she saw.  Surprise!  Anyway, Stu closed his fly quickly enough.  I think he was a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.  No, embarrassed isn’t the word, maybe uncomfortable?  Teagan didn’t ask any questions then. 

She does notice things, she’s not completely oblivious.  For example, Sunday, Stu shaved for the first time in about five days.  He had quite the five-o’clock shadow going.  When he came back in the room, she looked at him, tilted her head to the side.  Stu asked her where dada’s whiskers went.  She did her “dunno” expression with both hands raised.  “Where did dada’s whiskers go?”  “Dunno!  All dun!”

I’m sure it’s going to be a question she’ll ask soon enough.  I’m sure she noticed that dada’s built a bit differently than mama, than she is.  It’ll come up again.  It was funny though.