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February 14, 2011

on February 14, 2011
One of Two

One of Two

Valentine’s Day.  We first saw this house one year ago.  I can’t believe it’s been one year.  A lot has happened in this past year:  a miscarriage, finding a new house, selling the old house, moving, Teagan turning one, getting pregnant again.

Some of the events this past year would be nice to forget, some to never go through again.  Some, however, just need to be remembered for always.

Walking into this house was a good thing.  At first, our agent didn’t think it would be a good house for us.  To be fair, there were some issues, but bottom line, this is where we felt at home.  It’s fitting that we found it on Valentine’s Day.  A perfect day to build the rest of our lives together on.

Two of Two
Two of Two

Teagan’s birthday (celebrated at the house we found on Valentine’s Day) is another good memory.  It was such a busy day, but it was amazing having all the people we love come to celebrate our amazing little girl.  A little girl who continues to amaze me.  Granted, I could do without  the mini-tantrums, and would love for her to toilet train, but generally, she’s a wonderful kid.  This new one has something to aspire to. :)

Moving?  Can totally be done without or forgotten.  An incredibly stressful bunch of days, but necessary.  We needed to pack up and move to be able to be in this house.  Our house.  I do miss my old house, some days more than others.  It was a good house for me, for that point in my life.  Soon, it stopped being a good fit, and needed to be replaced by one that fit everyone.  One that everyone could grow in.  It was a cute house though.

Today, I got two valentines :)  In the house we found on Valentine’s Day.  Life is good.


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