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February 14, 2011 ~ Irish Princess Edition

on February 14, 2011

My daughter loves this song.  She thinks he says “knock knock” when he’s saying “good luck!”  She’ll sing along to the “Mow, mow, mow,” and is getting the arm motion down.  Stu played different versions of this song for her on Saturday and she asked for it on Sunday.  LOL.

This version is the one that Stu and I prefered.  She didn’t care much which version we played, as long as there was “moarr beeeze.”

I’m not sure why Stu decided to play “deedle dee” music, as he likes to call irish folk music, when she pointed to his laptop and asked for “dance*, beeze”.  But she loves it.  He should have known she’d be asking for “moarr beeeze” the rest of the weekend.  LOL!

* “Dance” with pointing to the laptop means she wants one of us to play some video.  Sometimes she asks for the Irish Hand Dance, sometimes it’s a Fresh Beat song, but mostly it’s Irish dancing.  Yes.  Riverdance.  I have a feeling that we’re going to be learning all about “competition hair.”


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