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February 9, 2011 ~ Mmmm… Leftovers

valentine crafts

Image by GoodNCrazy via Flickr

These two links have been sitting in drafts for a few days now…  So, let’s just move them along :)

1.  The first is from one of the sites I enjoy.  They usually have something crafty and interesting up before holidays.  I can’t wait to do stuff like this with Teagan.  I need to learn to sew a bit, but I can do a blanket binding stitch.  And who knew that plastic bags could be so useful?  Almost makes you want to pay for the bags at Ikea.

2.  The second shows the current snowcover.  Not total accumulated snowfall, but current cover.  We’re showing about 25-30  inches as of today.  There has been some sublimation as well as compression.  Remember, we had one snowfall that was 30 inches all on it’s own.  Stu started a graph that shows how often and how much snow we have had…

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February 9, 2011


Image via Wikipedia

Woman Births 13-Pound Baby, Still Not as Big as These Others.


I’m hoping our 93rd percentile baby decides to slow down her growth.  Stu hasn’t been very helpful “the doc did say +/- 15%, so she could be 108th percentile.”  Not funny.

So, this morning’s WILF episode (via google) is brought to you by macrosomia and quite possibly the promise of painkillers.

We know that I don’t have Gestational Diabetes, (passed that test – yay!), so it’s got to be something else.  Baby Center lists a few other possibilities.  Hispanic background?  Could be, though I’m not sure if I’m Latina enough that it would make a difference…  Maybe that’s something to ask the mid-wife.  I’m not obese, although I did start out a bit overweight.  Teagan was a peanut, so that shouldn’t be a reason.

It would be nice to know why this kid is looking like a watermelon instead of a peanut.