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February 6, 2011

on February 6, 2011

Yesterday Teagan and I went to KidCity.  We left after most of the snow and sleet, but during the rain.  Still got there in time to meet up with Katie, Tim and Nathan as well as Jen and Julia.  At first, Teagan was very tentative about the whole thing.  She did not want to be there.  But after a while, she totally got into it.  Played nicely with complete strangers, took turns, was a good kid for about 2 hours there.  Of course, everything went in her mouth.  LOL.

Red Fish Blue Fish
Red Fish Blue Fish

The place was pretty cool.  Her favorite rooms were the ship room (fish!) and the underground room (OMG! slide!).  She kept repeating “fish, fish!” over and over, it made everyone laugh.

Of course, she went into the igloo, where I could not follow her.  Thankfully, everyone was very helpful, Tim even chased after her when she got a door open!  We’ll definitely need to go there again, even while I’m pregnant, but I totally need someone to help chase her if needed :)

She (and Nathan!) walked the plank, then ran around to do it again!  They’d go down the slide and then rush up the stairs to go down again.  It was fun watching them have fun.

OMG! Slide!

OMG! Slide!




She cried as we left.  Everyone else had gone home, so we were there alone.  definitely not as fun alone, pregnant, chasing her.  And yes, she was past due for a nap and almost fell asleep in the car.  But she had a lot of fun.  Moar, beez!


PS.  Pics are here.


3 responses to “February 6, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Kat O* W* commented on your post.

    Kat wrote: “She looked like she was really into it!!!!”


    Kat, once she got over her initial trepidation, she LOVED it. She’s usually not a shy or timid kid, so it was a bit interesting to see her like that. (Yes, sometimes she has some separation anxiety, but usually not). Stu and I may just get a season pass, she had so much fun!

  2. Kris A says:

    My kids always loved places like that but always seemed to get sick a day or two later!

    • lisasff says:

      I hadn’t thought about that…  but knowing that she’s had the fish, donuts, carrots, eggs, steering wheel, phone and trucks in her mouth, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did too…  She has been fighting offf a runny nose and cough, maybe I’m one of the parents that you used to curse out :D

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