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February 4, 2011

on February 4, 2011
Lamb Saag and Chicken Korma - Northern Indian,...

Image by avlxyz via Flickr

Today for lunch Stu and I went out to eat.  An Indian restaurant opened up in the town next door.  Yay!  One of the things that we were a bit upset about when we moved her (almost a year ago!) was not having a decent Indian restaurant near by.  Now there is one.  And it was good.  We took a copy of the menu, for take out orders.  We can go past it on the way home from work :D

A few months ago, I saw a “coming soon” sign for a new restaurant – and INDIAN restaurant.  Yesterday when I drove past on the way to the midwife yesterday, I thought I saw that it was open.  Did a quick google to be sure I saw correctly – the snow mountains could have hidden something.  They were open!

Weekdays, they open at 11am, and have a buffet. Decent selection on the buffet, but Stu and I ended up ordering from the menu – they had his favorite Chicken Jalfrezi.  I got the Chicken Saag.  Going for the iron content in the spinach.  Yay me.  Garlic naan was wonderful.  The mango chutney for the poppadoms was very good, as was the cilantro/cucumber/yogurt thing.  Pickled onions weren’t bad. 

We went home with enough leftovers for another meal, as well as a serving of gulab jamun.  Yum.


Today Stu found out when he picked up the piglet that she steals one of the teachers’ iPhone and plays the music.  It doesn’t matter where the teacher hides the phone, Teagan finds it and steals it.  She can navigate through the menu to get to the media section.  Crazy!  I have no idea how she learned this.  She is not allowed to play with my iPod.  Which doesn’t have external speakers, so even if she got to the music, she wouldn’t be able to hear it.  She’s a music (and technology) freak!  We’re going to need to work on the stealing thing though.  <sigh>


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