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February 1, 2011

on February 1, 2011

Lookie!  The piglet came home today with a pony-tail.  LOL!  She was so excited by it.  Can you tell? 

She was a bit strange tonight – said she was hungry, but didn’t want to eat.  Dun!  The trick where either Stu or I eat a bit of what she has in front of her worked…  So she had a little meatloaf, some grapes, and toast with peanut butter.  She asked for the toast :)  She also asked for milk.  She’s been on a big milk kick lately.

I’m not even going to talk about the weather.  (It’s winter storm Ella!  E!  We’re on storm E!)  Instead, I’ll share a story from yesterday, that I almost forgot.  Going from cube to cube, office to office, taking down the holiday decorations* (christmas ornaments, trees and wreaths) that I had put up, a consultant looked up from the desk she was working on and we said hi.  Later in the day, she was meeting with someone next to my cube and as we passed in the hall , stopped and told me that I was the cutest pregnant person she’d ever seen.  She apologized for being so “forward,” as we don’t really work together and she doesn’t know me.  I thanked her and made some joke.  I was very touched, as I feel HUGE.   (Thank you 93rd%ile baby).  Not fat, but just big and awkward.  Ungainly.

As I told Stu the story, he of course, reminded me that this little one is measuring big (93rd%ile!) and as the doctors said, could be of by 15%.  That she could be in the 108th percentile.  Thanks.  That’s a thought I needed to have. <thwap>


* I’ve made a bunch of decorations (flowers, leaves, and various christmas) to hang from the ceilings above the desks, to go along with the snowflakes, hearts and shamrocks that I’ve somehow inherited.

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