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January 31, 2011

on January 31, 2011

Ok.  I’m tired, so it’s just going to be a bulleted list tonight :)

  • I made a meatloaf (to go with the mac & cheese) for the freezer.  Slowly filling the freezer up!  One of the things I remember that cooking/food prep was near impossible to get done with a newborn.  This way there’ll be some stuff to reheat.  Just need to pull it out early enough to defrost and/or bake.
  • Stu was crazy and got on the roof and shoveled.  Look!  There’s proof!!  He had to wade through waist-deep snow to try to get some of it off.  It was so slippery, he couldn’t get it all off.  But some is better than nothing.  He had cleared the lower roof in front of the rooms yesterday.  Today was the garage and kitchen roof.  I watched while he was over the driveway. 
  • There’s no way for us to get to the ice dams and snow on the higher roof.   It is what it is.
  • We’re expecting more snow tomorrow.  Again.  More.  Maybe 6-12 inches.  To be followed by freezing rain/sleet the following day.  I am so sure that the upper roof is going to cave in.
  • The weather person – a lady! – today said that we have more than five feet of snow cover on the ground right now.  That’s just crazy!
  • I can’t believe January is all over.  I’m still not used to typing in 11 for the year.  How can it be a new month already?
  • I have most of our tax paperwork ready.  Yay!  Just need to find someone more “local” than the lady we used last year.
  • Teagan should have a local doctor by the end of next week.  Yay! 
  • I hate heart burn.  Tums are my friend.

Night night!


6 responses to “January 31, 2011

  1. lisasff says:

    Melissa T* commented on your post.

    Melissa wrote: “If you are itemizing deductions, wait to file until after Feb. 15th so that all the tax laws are updated in IRS systems… they are rejecting e-files prior to that…”
    Oh! I hadn’t known that they weren’t finalized, and that the IRS was rejecting e-files. I probably wouldn’t have gotten my act together that quickly, but at least now, I can make sure to make an appointment after 2/15. Thanks for the info!!

  2. Mags says:

    D’you guys get Gavescon? Pregnant women glug it like water over here – the woman in the pharmacy got to know me well during pregnancy just because I was buying it by the bucket load.

    Still had to sleep propped up for a while though… ;(

    PS: Congrats!

    • lisasff says:


      Yeah, I think we’re allowed Gavescon. When the burn is really bad, I’ll pop a Pepsid, but I usually stick with the Tums, to get the extra calcium :) I have 4 bottles, three flavors, all around the house and office.

      Sleeping propped up is LOVELY. I did that first time around. LOVED the lazy-boy :)

      • Mags says:

        I had so many pillows in the bed (propping me up, propping my hips if on my side, propping my feet) there was barely room for me in the bed.

  3. lisasff says:

    LOL! With Teagan, I did pull in two extra pillows or so for behind my back. A small throw pillow for between my knees (ouchie hips). I haven’t this time, maybe because the guest room beds have them… But I also haven’t had too much night-time heart burn… I usually take two tums before I go to bed, and it’s been just a handfull of times that I wake up and need one in the middle of the night. Most times now, at night at least, it’s the insomnia. I can’t get back to sleep. Hated this back then, hate it now.

  4. lisasff says:

    Lori G* commented on your post.
    Lori wrote: “Wacky idea but maybe Stu could try this from This Old House website? http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/skill-builder/0,,211604,00.html”
    It’s called Quick Dam Cure.


    Looked it up, could be a great thing, *if* we could get it up to the roof. You haven’t seen the house, but the trouble is the roof of the second story, in the back where there is no jutting first floor roof to help place it. We’d have to throw it from the ground, or try to swing it from a window (with the eave in the way).

    We have more snow coming tomorrow, Monday and Thursday. Yay.

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