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January 28, 2011

on January 28, 2011

So, today, it didn’t snow.  Yay.  We should have flurries later tonight and tomorrow.  I didn’t have the heart to take a picture today of the street signs that are almost buried with the snow piles.  It’s just crazy.  We have record snowcover here.  Insane.  I was looking for a nice picture of the snow cover, but didn’t find one.  Then again, it’s just too crazy.

Today, Stu and I shoveled a bit of the back deck.  I was worried about the snow that was over the window sills melting and dripping inside.  We found out that there are ice dams on the back of the second floor.  I thought the front of the second was ok, but it was all hiding in the back.  Although we couldn’t see any buckling plywood panels in the attic, we may still need to get someone here to do something about it. 

There’s ice melting down the side of the fireplace into the basement.  You can see the track down the basement wall.  So far, it’s not a big puddle, but it definately is something to keep an eye on. 

Stu may go out the bedroom window with his super-tread boots and a shovel to take care of the lower roof – the garrison roof.  The snow pack there is a bit worrisome.  I wish there was a way to check the attic space over the kitchen, but we haven’t found a way in yet :|


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