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January 26,2011

on January 26, 2011

This says it all.  In the next eight days, we’re getting five days of snow.


It took Stu about 2 hours to get home from work this afternoon.  I left once he got home, and it took me 45 minutes.  I’m very glad I decided to stay for lunch.  I was worried that if I left before eating, I would get stuck in the car, starving, and eat my own arm.

I also received good news about maternity leave today.   Most of my unhappiness and dissapointment was due to misinformation given me by the third party, thanks to some unclear state and federal laws.   Initially, I had been quite upset with the information I was given.  Researched via Google, and then called the in-house people to verify that the third party was right.  They were not.  I am now quite happy.  Results are much better than I hoped for.  Sometimes it does pay to check deeper into some things.

In other news, Teagan is LOVING her expanded space.  She found a balloon that we had tucked away in a corner.  Its now called “boom.”


5 responses to “January 26,2011

  1. Kris A says:

    Are you driving around in a snowstorm? Glad the leave is better than you thought! We got about 8 inches when they called for 2-4…ha ha. I want to be a weather forecaster and be able to be wrong all the time!!

    • lisasff says:

      Was I?  Yeah.  There were only supposed to be flurries this morning/early afternoon, with the real snow coming around 4-5.  Well, it started around 10 and came heavy and fast.  They did say there’d be a lull.  I must have left during the lull, and after they plowed.  Stu left while it was still going strong.  I think it took me about 10-20 minutes more to get home than normal.  His trip took about 4x as long…

      As far as I know, its still snowing.  We are expecting another 12 inches or so tonight.  Plow has been by once already. :)

      Very good news about the leave.  I am MUCH relieved.

  2. Kris A says:

    Are the roof and gutters handling all the snow/ice OK? You must have 4 ft on top of your house!

    • lisasff says:

      The front of the 2nd story seems to be ok.  I haven’t walked around back, though I can see some icicles dripping down… 

      The front of the garrison roof – over the porch – is a bit more worrisome.  Stu took a shovel out the bedroom window to clear off a bunch of snow/ice, to the shingles, in the hopes that the sun would start melting it.  Then we got more snow.    The front of the garage has about 2 feet or so, I haven’t looked at the back.  The leak we had in the kitchen is towards the back of the roof.  We probably should look at the back of the house soon…

  3. lisasff says:

    Kat O* W* commented on your post.

    Kat wrote: “Good news on the ‘leave’ time. And hopefully the balloon won’t go BOOM. HA HA.”

    Yeah, it was a very good phone call. So glad I stayed and actually got it. The third-party people called yesterday to confirm the time. It’ll be a bit of time unpaid, but it’s really the time that you want… as long as the bills can get paid :)

    I worry a bit – probably too much – about the balloon breaking while in her mouth. She doesn’t quite get why she shouldn’t try to chew on it. LOL!

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