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January 21, 2011

on January 21, 2011

So, we finally let Teagan out of her cage.  LOL.  We’d get home from day care, give her dinner.  When she was done, she’d get sent to the “cage” and she’d go right to the blocked off area in front of the sofa.  She usually didn’t try to escape either.  It was great!  Worked for us for a while, especially for the little bit she’s awake during the week, and at times when we’re home on the weekend.  She does have the entire living room, (it’s really her toy room!) that’s baby safe, and we’d let her have access to the kitchen and the rest of the room while we were there supervising her, but we’d been holding off on finishing the family room and lowering our supervision – hovering – a bit. 

Well, I finally got extra-wide gates and set them up, blocked off one tiny area at the end of the large sofa, moved all the grown-up books and stuff out of the side table/bookcase, off the coffee table.  Now, she has run of the family room.  We still need to move the coffee table, but I haven’t found a cabinet that’s tall (and thin and heavy) enough to put the lamp on.  There’s still time though.

So, anyway.  She loves pulling all her books out of the side table.  Today, she did help put them back, but that could be seen as a bribe for a bath.  Day care says she’s a great cleaner-uper.  We have yet to see the “great” part of that, though she will help if you ask.  She’s having a great time testing the boundaries of her larger area too.  It’s fun to see her go up to one of the gates and rattle it, trying to see if she can get it open.

We do have to get used to her having so much”freedom” now.  Stu still doesn’t know what to do with his tea – hot – when she’s still awake.  Or his laptop when he’s not there using it.  I need a new hiding place for my iPod (the sofa arm is no longer out of reach).  The remote needs a new place to hide as well.

I know we’ll figure it out. 

She’s loving it.  It’s worth it.

PS.  She loves her hop-hop shoes :)

PPS.  I’ll have a Teagan’s Tunes – One Year up shortly.  I might even get links to audio samples of the songs too :)


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  1. […] days – that she didn’t notice that her hop hop shoes aren’t around.  The original ones, the ones that she saw from across the Old Navy.  She had finally outgrown them, after weeks of […]

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