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January 11, 2011

on January 11, 2011

For 1-1-11 a SlideShow!

Ok, well, it’s her second snow, her first being down in PA, but she really wasn’t walking then :)  Does that count?

My mom and sister took her out Sunday to play, I was relegated to watching through the storm door – I’ll admit, I didn’t argue too much.  I didn’t have too many clothes options, and it was cold outside.  She had so much fun though – throwing snow up and trying to catch it.  Her gloves are a bit too big.  I think I was given another set of mittens that are in her closet.  I’ll have to go look.

In other news, we lost the two big Koi.  Stu thinks they died a bit back, when we had a big cold snap.  That there just wasn’t enough room – depth – in the pond for them, they were so big.  It doesn’t appear that we lost any of the smaller ones.  Stu was able to get the koi out when the pond “defrosted” a bit after the Christmas Snow and we got back from Puerto Rico.  It’s sad, they were beautiful fish, with personalities.  The six smaller ones are still shivering out there.  He put the pump in, to ensure that the pond doesn’t freeze solid, to give the remaining fish a bit more of a chance to winter over.


PS.  All the vacation pictures are up now!!


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