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January 10, 2011

on January 10, 2011

Oh!  1-10-11! Today is a palindrome!  How fun is that!!

So…  this was what the yard looked like Saturday morning.  I took the picture with the cell phone, I couldn’t find the camera (yes, it was on the table!) and wanted to be sure to capture all the snow on the branches.  It looked so pretty.  We missed how nice the yard looked over Christmas  :)  I know Stu didn’t enjoy it quite as much as I did, I didn’t have to shovel any of it.  

He did a fun thing with snowballs and a candle on Friday night for Teagan.  I hadn’t seen it before myself, although I have seen light ooze out from snow forts and sculptures…  I don’t have a pic, (found one on the web), he must.  His snow candle made her chatter and laugh and point and dance.  So fun to watch her discover things.  Everything is new and shiny for her.

A busy weekend.  We spent Saturday in New York, haircuts followed by dinner with the family at Gypsy Wolf Cantina in Woodstock.  Good food.  Teagan ate a bit of everything, but mostly enjoyed the rice and the quesadilla.  I think we’re glad she didn’t like either the black or the refried beans :D

Lala tempted me to have us stay for lunch with the promise of tortilla española.  Teagan ate a bunch of it, but then decided she wanted fruit – grapes, banana, papaya – instead.

They had predicted snow for Sunday – 3 inches for the west part of the state, 6+ for the east.  We packed a snow shovel when we left.  LOL.  When we got back, it didn’t look like there was much of a snowfall at all. 

Weathermen are again predicting a big snowfall – 10-18 inches or so for Tuesday into Wednesday.  Yay!!  It’ll be interesting to see how much we do end up getting :)


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