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December 28, 2010

on December 28, 2010

Today was a rainy day in Puerto Rico. We didn’t do too much – breakfast outside, went to the kiddy pool (Teagan does not like cold water!), nap, late lunch at Pinoñes.  (Gotta love fried food!)  Another nap (yay!) and then down to meet with a family friend in the hotel bar.  We sat around and chatted while dad chased Teagan across the dance floor and the stage.  She had a blast.  She went around and said “hi” to just about everyone that was at the bar.  LOL.  Such a social girl.

We eventually had to contain her – in a high chair – and kept her happy by giving her ice cubes from our drinks (yes, I had to have a mojito!)…  She got cubes from the mojito, a tom collins, grey goose and soda, rum and coke…  I ended up getting a cup of ice water from the bar as she really didn’t need that much exposure to alcohol.  She LOVED getting ice – she even said “More please ice dada.”  So cute!  Renee keep trying to get her to say “ice, ice baby!”  I think I might have that on video. 

I’ll update once we get home with pictures…  I still don’t have access to a laptop.

PS.  For some reason, this entry was eaten by the WP app for my iPod…  it’s been cranky all week.  Anyway… Here’s yesterday’s entry :)


1-1-11 Updated with pictures!


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